Best Brake Pads Buying Guide In 2020
Your one-Stop Best Brake Pads Buying Guide In 2020

Best Brake Pads Buying Guide In 2020

Best Brake Pads Buying Guide In 2020, Try to find the best brake pads manufacturer and supplier.

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All of them have passed the strictly tested by the authority testing labs which proved our performance data are very excellent.   And the advantages of our formulation are well trusted by the clients for its no asbestos, no dust, no noise, long life etc, and also are popular in ceramic brake pads for a very long time.

There are our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products. And we also manage the production strictly according to the ISO9001, TS16949 quality system, ECE, R90,AMECA.  We have a strong R&D team and professional brake pad factory, we can develop and produce brake pads according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

Our annual production capacity is over 1000 pieces of 40 feet containers per year, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.

We focus on developing high-quality ceramic brake pasd for top-end markets.  Our products are in line with international standards.

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Best Brake Pads In 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Table of Content

Brake Pad 2020 Overview
Top 10 Brake Pads for 2020
Types of Brake Pads
What are Performance Brake Pads
Features to Consider When Buying Brake Pads
Choosing Brake Pads Depending on Types of Car
Brake Pad Price Guide

Brake Pad 2020 Overview

The year 2020 is still young, and it is the right time to make wise decisions. As an owner of vehicles, you need to upgrade the way you take care of your vehicles. One way of doing so is by buying the best brake pads in 2020.

Any individual who is knowledgeable about driving would essentially disclose to you that it is so imperative both to accelerate and to stop. This is the main reason a brake pad is a significant vehicle accessory. 

They are vital with regards to stopping a vehicle. Brake pads can make a difference between life and death.

However, not all the brake pads are the same. Some are better than others. It is also vital to know that some brake pads are designed for a certain vehicle and not on other vehicles.
 For instance, the best brake pads for trucks won’t be the best brake pads for sports cars.

We all know how you are t yearning to buy the brake pads. They should be durable, deliver excellent performance, among many other desirable properties.

This is why in this article, we will give you full guidance for buying the best brake pads 2020. We will also give you a review of the best brake pad brands to buy.

10 Best Brake Pad Brands 2020
What are the best brake pads in the market? When you ask this question, the first thing that will come into your mind is the best brake pad brands. After all, brake pad manufacturers are known for their products.

1. Bosch BC905 QuietCast

While considering the quality of a brake pad, the Bosch BC905 QuietCast brake pad is a brake pad with a great build that very few brake pad brands can boast of.

 It is made to take after the desirable ceramic properties. The brake pad has high density; hence is durable and can withstand extreme braking force.

Its ‘no vibration’ installation process causes it to operate without any noise. In any event, while accelerating overwhelming on brakes and having an elastic multilayer, shim ensures extra clamor and vibrations are constrained. 

This brake pad would last longer than most other brake pads, rivaling it as it has a protective layer that extends the life of the brake pad. One extra property that causes clients to consider this brake pad to be predominant is the way that it contains zero copper material, in this manner, guaranteeing that it meets 2025 sans copper enactment rule. 

The Bosch brand is known for making unique and excellent and affordable brake pads.

Advantages of Bosch
-Ideal for heavy-duty brakes such as trucks
-Does not have any presence of copper
– Durable
-Easy to install
-High stopping power

-Relatively expensive

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet
For all beginners or people new to cars, the Wagner ThermoQuiet disc pad set is one that all car owners would find very to install and also would be gotten at a very cheap rate.

One of the rarest features of the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 disc pad set is. 
It is thirty percent quieter than other brake pads available for sale, and it is able to deliver a quiet operation thanks to the presence of a rubber core shim, which improves life span and gets rid of the noise.

There is also a possibility of lesser vibrations, but customers would find this brake pad very effective as it has a powerful stopping power of about fifteen percent, which would cause no damage to the rotor.

People who enjoy pressing hard on brakes would be pleased with this brake pad.
 Another factor which owners would be pleased with is the fact that it is made of ceramic materials which ensure less accumulation of dust.

Advantages of Wagner ThermoQuiet
– Performs exceptionally well even at high temperature
_Easy to install
-Has a high braking power
-Low dusting

-The price of this brake pad is not so appealing

3.Frontech Disc Brake Pads

Frontech is a reputable and reliable brake pad manufacturer in China. This means that you should definitely expect quality brake pads from them. 

First, the Frontech brake pad is made of high-grade ceramic material. This means that it is strong and can withstand a high braking force. So, if you are into vehicles hat require extreme braking forces such as sports cars, this is the right brake pad.

These brake pads feature the basic shims, chamfers which help to minimize the effects of noise and vibrations when braking. These features also eliminate dust from the brake pads

It is pretty easy to install Frontech disc brake pads onto your vehicle. You don’t need any kind of machine or curing.

The formulas that are used for making these brake pads are geared towards the safety of the user and vehicle. They don’t emit toxic material to the environment.

You should also take note that Frontech is known for the most affordable brake pads in the market. Despite the low price of their brake pads, they don’t compromise on the quality of their products.

So, if you are looking for cheap brakes, you now know where to go.

Advantages of ceramic brake pads
-Strong and durable
-Minimum noise and vibration
-Does not leave dust on the rims
-Can sustain high braking force

-So far, users have not sent any complaints about the Frontech disc brake pad.

4. Akebono Brake Pads

Akebono is a brake pad brand that anybody can depend on and furthermore isn’t new to the car industry. 

While looking for an excellent brake pad then this is one that would intrigue any vehicle owner.

 This is because it comes with a superior and improved design that makes it more proficient and being more productive than anticipated. 

Basically makes it an ideal trade for OEM ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads. 

Having a long life expectancy and furthermore having the option to restrain noise is another element that separates this item from the rest. Especially when contrasted and other brake pads. It was uncovered that this brake pad has a high stopping force. 

One element utilized in recognizing a high caliber and standard brake pad is its capacity to work without requiring a break-in time.

 And this brake pad doesn’t require break-in time, and it vows to work at 100% once it is expelled from its pack and embedded in any vehicle. 

Moreover, it accompanies an all-inclusive design that ensures it fits consummately in many vehicles.

-Can be a perfect replacement for ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads
-Does not require a break-in time
-Has a universal design hence is compatible with most vehicles

-Likely to squeal when the temperatures are extremely low.

4.AC Delco Brake Pad Set with Hardware

Discussing some respectable brake pad brands in the car business, the AC Delco is one that cannot miss on the list.

Most clients have confidence and depend on, and it is frequently viewed as the best semi-metallic brake pad in this competitive market. 

The design of this brake pads makes it perfect for front use, yet it can likewise be utilized as the rear wheel.

 Also, straightforward design makes this brake pad exceptionally easy to install in many vehicles. 

Another favorable position of its design is there would be minimum noise, which additionally makes it a decent alternative for individuals who love squeezing hard on their brakes. 

This brake pad can be installed and begin utilizing quickly as it requires no break-in time.
Yet one significant feature of this brake pad that makes it well known is the way that it is more affordable.

-Affordable that most brake pads in the market
-Does not squeal even under low temperatures
-Has ergonomic design

Not compliant to the copper-free rule

6. Power Stop Truck Brake Pads
As it is always the rule, you need to be more careful when looking for truck brake pads. Will the brakes met the ultimate needs for your truck? 

 For years, Power Stop has built its name in providing the best brake pads for trucks.

For heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and SUVs, this is the best brake pad for use in such vehicles as it has a rock-solid design that makes it appropriate for use in such vehicles. 

Truck and SUV drivers would be intrigued by this brake pad as it has a high resistivity to heat along these lines ensuring the rotor stays in great condition regardless of how hard one presses the brake. 

An astounding element of this brake pad is the way that it doesn’t gather dust and stain wheels or even chip away.

 It also has an amazing stopping force likewise makes this brake pad an absolute necessity have in your trucks and SUV’s as it doesn’t create any screeching noise. 

Besides, having treated steel shim clears a path for extremely quiet braking operation. It also diminishes vibrations which makes it the perfect substitution for your OEM brake pads.

-Minimal noise and vibration
-Not easily affected by high temperature
-Can easily take high braking force

-It may not be an ideal brake pad for other types of vehicles apart from SUV and trucks.

7. EBC Disc Brake Pad Set
In the event that you are looking for cheap brake pads, at that point, you ought to consider the EBC FA185X brake pad set. 

Not only is this brake pad cost-friendly but also it is a high-performance brake pad.

The design of this brake pad does not encourage the accumulation of dust. Since this is a semi-metallic brake pad, one of the things that you may be concerned about is dust. The brake pad capitalizes on its design and unique chemical formula to eliminate this problem.

It is likewise made with pass on cast aluminum material that makes it extremely lightweight yet sturdy.

 When contrasted and other brake pads, it was found that this brake pad would not rust or consume effectively, hence, adding to its enduring life expectancy. 

What’s more, this brake pad accompanies shoe springs that make installation very easy, and this likewise makes the substitution of OEM brake pads easy and conceivable.

-Easy to install thanks to the presence of shoestring
-Light and durable
-Generates little dust

-Does not comply with copper-free law

8. Genuine Toyota 04465-0E010 brake pad kit 
If you want the best brake pads for both the rear and the front, consider buying the Genuine Toyota 04465-0E010 brake pad kit. Just as the name suggests, this brake pad kit is specifically is designed to fit all Toyota vehicles explicitly. 

Beginners in the auto world will find it exceptionally easy to install and, moreover. It is manufactured to have similar specifications that are unique with Toyota vehicle brake pads and at times, may be better than the original Toyota brake pads. 

On the off chance that you are a driver that cherishes pressing hard on the brake, at that point, you would unquestionably be satisfied having this brake pad installed in your vehicle.

 It does not deliver any screeching commotion or vibration and this likewise empowers drivers to utilize this brake pad for long as long.

-Compatible with Toyota vehicles

-Not compatible with other car models

9. Hawk carbon Disc Brake Pads
The usage of a standard and quality street brake compound ensures this brake pad has insignificant wear.

 It is a brake pad that you can fully rely on for street driving.

It has noteworthy stopping force and is additionally fit for delivering a top-notch performance thanks to the quality of construction and design.

A noteworthy feature of this brake pad is the way that it causes no type of physical damage to rotors. 

So, it won’t be an issue no matter how hard you press on brakes and even while squeezing hard on brakes. 

You would likewise see that there isn’t any type of screeching commotion or recognizable vibrations that would be heard in low or low-quality brake pads. 

It is anyway viewed as a superior, strong, and effective brake pad.

-Minimal noise and vibration
-Great stopping power
-Strong and durable

-Quite expensive

10. Centric 105 Ceramic Brake Pad
The capability of this brake pad to convey a great exhibition causes clients to feel good and certain about spending their cash on this brake pad and having a superb stopping force and furthermore, a top-notch assemble are some key highlights that make this brake pad very one of a kind and exceptional. 

Nonetheless, the nearness of cut backplates ensures there are less vibration and noise and this is likewise another appealing element of this brake pad. 

It has the capacity to operate efficiently under different temperature conditions.

 Furthermore, having an excellent performance are other eye-getting highlights of the Centric Posi-Quiet ceramic brake pad, just as braking with zero or negligible noise.

-Made of a combination of premium metals
-Noiseless and minimum vibration
-Has a shim

-Some users have complained about the presence of dust on the brake pad

Types of Brake Pads

Normally, there are four main types of brake pads in the market. 

These are; Semi-metallic, Non-asbestos organic, Low metallic organic, and Ceramic brake pads.

The difference between them is the type of brake pad material that has been used for manufacturing them.

Which of these four brake pad types should I choose?

To find the most concrete answer, let’s have a quick overview of each brake pad type.

1. Semi-metallic brake pad
With an incredible level of durability and an efficient heat transfer capability, semi-metallic is the most well-known brake pad type that is generally in various vehicles. 

It is made of steel wire or fleece, graphite or copper, and contact modifiers. It has adhesion material that bonds the components of the brake pad.

Such a brake pad contains about 30%-65% metal. It makes significant noise and wears out rotors quicker, and fails to meet expectations at low temperatures.

2. Non-Asbestos Organic 
This brake pad is made of different materials such as fiber, resins and other filler material.

It is softer than the semi-metallic brake pad. This also means that it produces less noise.

However, this brake pad wears out faster than the semi-metallic brake pad. It also generates more dust.

3. Low-Metallic NAO
Just as the name suggests, these brake pads are rich in organic material and less of metallic material. 

The metal content in the brake pad ranges between 10% to 30%.

The metals in this brake pad are responsible for its excellent heat transfer.

However, it generates some noise and leaves dust on the wheels.

4. Ceramic brake pad
Ceramic brakes are the most commonly generally utilized pad. 

They are made of solidified ceramic material that is joined with copper filaments. 

They last the longest, and they are calm. They also generate minimum dust on the rims.

Ceramic brake pads are known for delivering the best performance at all temperature conditions.

They are additionally the most expensive among brake pad types.

Whether you are looking for the Toyota brake pads, Subaru brake pads, Audi brake pads, BMW brake pads, Mercedes Benz brake pads or any other car model, choose one of the above brake pad types.

What is Performance Brake Pad?

So what does a high-performance brake pad mean, and how would we measure this performance? 

A high-performance brake pad will be one that has great friction level, and the pedal feels on the first application and can hold this degree of performance all through the entire braking cycles. 

High performance brake or depreciate in performance under the heat of braking. 

Not exclusively should superior brakes work viably under warmth and burden they should have great strength and durability? 

Additives such a copper or coke are blended into pads utilized on elite brake frameworks to upgrade toughness.

When using high performance brake pads, brake fluids used are usually carefully selected. This is done on the grounds that most liquids are hygroscopic importance they absorb moisture. 

A higher specification liquid is required and even that will require standard changing and flushing to keep brakes satisfactory with the objective use.

The same applies to the brake rotors. They should be of high quality so as not to be negatively affected by the effects of high performance brake pads.

Features to Consider When Buying Brake Pads

Regardless of the brake pad brands that e have listed, you will always yearn to end up with high quality brake pads.

It all starts at the buying process. You need to look at the specific features of the brake pads.

Here are some of the key features that you should consider:

1. Brake pad materials
Brake pads are made of different materials.

The brake pad materials can either be of semi-metallic, ceramic, and organic materials.

Each brake pad material has unique properties that will ultimately affect its performance.

However, choosing a brake pad should lay exclusively on where and how you expect to use your vehicle.

 Metallic brake pads are perfect for flexible and rock-solid vehicles, while ceramic brake pads are appropriate for use in typical conditions.
2. Type of Vehicle
This is an element or factor everyone must know about. This is because most brae pads are not universal for all the vehicles.

 You should take n note that a specific brake pad would fit perfectly onto your vehicle before agreeing to them.
It is essential to know the year and furthermore the vehicle model when looking for brake pads since what may be perfect for a 2010 vehicle probably won’t be appropriate for use in a 2013 vehicle.

For example, a 2014 Honda CVR brake pad will be different from that of the 2018 brake pad. 

Still, in relation to the car types, different brake pads deliver different performance on different cars.

Some brake pads are suited for sports cars while at the same time, we have the truck brake pads.

The most important point here is to know your car before you even do a brake pad replacement.

3. The brake disc price
Like any other major purchase that you make, it is impossible not to factor in the issue of brake pad price.

As nature will always dictate, you will always be attracted to but cheapest brakes. 

However, this will never the best option to take. Remember the adage that cheap is always expensive. 

Although the budget brakes prices, the quality may be wanting. However, this does not necessarily mean that expensive brake pads are of high quality.

The surest way of sorting out this problem is by confirming from the brake pad manufacturers so as to find out the exact prices.

5.Brake pad certification

ECR90 badge of approval

Let’s say you are planning to import brake pads from China to Europe. Do you know that you cant just import any brake pad that you want?

This is because there are several certifications that the brake pads should meet?

One of these certifications is the ECE regulation 90(ECR90). The brake pads should have this certification.

This is an ECE Regulation indicating plan, development, and execution prerequisites and test conventions for brake linings for vehicles and trailers.

R90 calls for linings to be tried for speed sensitivity, cold performance, and replacement.
 Brake pads and brake shoes are allowed to go amiss from the frictional attributes of their unique hardware partners by not more than 15%. 
Also, R90 requires tamper-evident, fixed bundling for replacement brake linings.

Type-endorsement to R90 is required for all replacement brake linings all through the European Union and even in non-European nations that have received ECE Regulations.

5. Brake pad warranty
What if your new brake pads fail too early before their expected lifetime? Would you just discard them?

This is where the issue of brake pad warranty comes in. It can save you from incurring the new cost of an unprecedented brake pad replacement.

Check and find out whether the new brake pads come with a reasonable warranty. It is the only thing that can cushion you from incurring a loss.

Choosing Brake Pads Depending on Types of Car

Will the brake pads fit perfectly onto my vehicle? This is a common question that most car owners tend to ask.

As we have seen, the performance of the brake pads will depend on the type of car ion which you install them.

Install the correct brake pad on your car, and you will get exemplary performance.

To help you hack this, we have divided vehicles into different categories and stated the type of brake pads that you should install onto each car.

-Light and compact cars
These are relatively light vehicles that don’t require too 
much braking force to bring them to a stop.
Organic brake pads can comfortably handle such vehicles well. With these brake pads, you won’t spend too much on the brake pad replacement.
However, you will have o bear with the disadvantages of the organic brake pads, with one of them being a constant generation of dust.

-Medium weight vehicles
 As the name suggests, these types of vehicles are not too heavy, neither are they too light. 
However, they still need more braking force than the light vehicles that we have just discussed previously.
Semi-metallic brake pads are the preferred brake pad option for such cars.
Apart from being strong, they can easily fit the description of the high performance brake pads.

-High acceleration cars
These vehicles have a high acceleration rate while at the same time, have high deceleration.
The brake pads of these vehicles should be able to reduce the speed from extremely high to low withing a few seconds.

The only brake pad type that can withstand such stopping force is the high performance ceramic brake pad.

– Heavy-duty vehicles
These are vehicles that are literally heavy in terms of weight. They are usually used for hauling goods and many passengers. 
Brake pads for trucks and lorries are designed to sustain such massive weight.
It is advisable that such brake pads should have a high content of the metal.
The metal can manage heat generated while at the same time, withstand the high braking force.

While you should utilize the above proposals for every vehicle type to manage your choice, there are some different interesting points to consider. 

Picking a brake pad is regularly an issue of assessing your needs and trading off appropriately. 

The pad which offers the best braking performance might be the noisiest and dustiest. 

You may want pads that decrease the level of noise created; however, the softer material will probably prompt more brake pad replacements as rotors are worn out. 

Eventually, no single brake pad can be everything to all vehicles.


Brake pad manufacturers regularly keep their brake pad formula a prized secrete. They only prefer giving a scope of pads to every vehicle application. 

In any case, you shouldn’t be tricked into accepting the decision is a straightforward instance just by a quick comparison.

The most costly brake pads available may not make your vehicle any safer on the off chance that they don’t satisfy the correct guidelines for your driving. 

Consider the regular routes your vehicle takes and the weight your vehicle routinely conveys before submitting, and look for brake pad experts near you.

I hope that with this guide, your driving experience in 2020 will improve by a great margin. 
You will use the information that we have published here to find the best brake pads in 2020. 

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