Disk Brake Pad China

  • Noise-Level: Ceramic brake pads are very quiet, creating little-to-no extra sound .
  • Created by a composite of ceramic fibers, copper fibers, bonding agents, and filler materials.
  • Heat dissipation, less dust production.
  • Friendly to brake disc rotors.
  • Lightness compared to other types of pads.
  • Extremely useful in racing cars and other sports vehicles.
  • Dissipate heat better for non-drilled and slotted brake rotors, which creates less brake fade.

Reference No.

FDB4433 25086
8V0 698 151 D
8V0 698 151 B
8V0 698 151
5Q0 698 151
5Q0 698 151 B

Car Application

AUDI A3 Cabriolet 2015

Front or Rear Axle Front Axle
Brake System TRW
Width 160 mm
Height 64.8 mm
Thickness 20.3 mm

MOQ: 50sets each items, 2000 sets for one order.

Package: Plastic bag + FRONTECH Color Box or Customer Brand Box + Carton box + Pallet+Container
4 pcs=1 set
10 sets=1 Carton
50 cartons= 1 Pallet
20 pallets= 1*20’GP

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Samples policy: One or two sets with no charge


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While driving your vehicle, your attention will always be on the performance of the brakes. You will always want the brakes to perform well as they play a critical role in ensuring that you are safe on the road.

Do not wait until the brakes of your car fail o that you can work on them. Instead, you should always prioritize doing a comprehensive brake service.

The service entails checking all the aspects of the brake to ascertain that they are in perfect condition.

In case of problems, they are rectified. Even if it means replacing key brake components.

How can I tell that my car requires a brake service?

There are several signs that will alert you about the state of your car’s brake.  Here are the top warning signs that you need an urgent brake service.

1.Hard brake pedal

How does your brake pedal react when you are pushing it? Does it feel harder than usual?

But what causes the brake pedal to be hard?

A hard brake pedal is usually caused by a problem in the power assist mechanism of the brake.

The operations of any brake system are controlled by a power assist mechanism. There are two main mechanisms which are; vacuum and hydraulic.

The function of the booster is to ensure that the driver does not exert too much effort on the brake pedal.

When either the vacuum or hydraulic booster stops functioning, as usual, the brake pedal will become too hard.

When you start sensing this problem, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for the brake service.

2. Spongy brake pedal

This is the opposite of the hard brake pedal. You will feel that your brake pedal is extremely smooth when you push it.

Under normal circumstances, a brake pedal should feel firm and solid.

A spongy brake pedal is a sign of some problems in the brake system. The most common problem is the failure of the hydraulic system.

A problem such as the faulty calipers can also make the brake pedal to feel spongy when pushed.

The efficiency of the brake system will be less than 100% if the brake pedals are soft and spongy.

The sponginess can be caused by insufficient fluid in the master cylinder.

2. Brake fluid leaks

A brake system of a modern car comprises of various components. These components that supply air and fluid.

A brake leak will cause loss of fluids which are needed for the proper functioning of the brake.

You can spot the leaks on the wheels, brake calipers and brake lining.

In terms of appearance, the brake fluid can be transparent or rusty brown. Once you spot any sign of leaking brake fluid, you should take the car for the brake service.

4. Grinding noises from the brakes

Do you hear a persistent grinding noise coming from the brake system? This noise is likely produced by either the brake pad or brake rotor.

The noise is produced when two metal surfaces grind against each other. You will hear this noise every time that you step on the brake pedal.

Grinding noise from the brake could mean that the brake pads or brake shoes are completely worn out The two brake components are now rubbing against the brake rotor and brake drum respectively.

Once your brake system reaches this level, its performance will have deteriorated. In fact, you will just be causing father damage to the brake rotor and drum.

The most appropriate brake service here will be doing a brake pad and rotor replacement.

5. Vibrations

Do you experience constant vibrations whenever you apply the brakes of the car? This could be a sign of a problem with your car’s brake system.

The most likely source of the vibrations can be warped brake rotor or worn out brake pads.

Take the car for the brake services so that the issue can be confirmed and solved.

6.Pulling to the left or right

While applying the brakes, does your vehicle pull towards one side? If the car pulls either to the left or right, then the issue is with the brake rotor.

Under normal circumstances, the braking force should be equal when you press on the brake pedal.

If you feel that one side is more reactive than the other, then you should consider replacing the brake rotor.

7. Delayed braking

This issue manifests itself when the car has a longer braking time. This is whereby you have stepped on the brake pedal but the vehicle is not responding to your action immediately.

The problem can be due to worn ou brake fluid, brake pad, and brake rotor.

8. Odd smell

If you sense the smell of something burning in the brake system, then you should take immediate action.

This smell could be due to the heat generated by the friction lining of the brake pad. Take the vehicle for the brake service so that the issue resolved.

9. Brake warning lights

For the new cars, you will just see brake warning lights on your dashboard. These lights will be sending different messages regarding the state of your brake system.

The warning can be about the bad state of the brake pads or it can be about the ABS.

10. Bouncy car when braking

When your car bounces whenever you apply sharp brakes, the problem is usually associated with faulty shock absorbers.

However, sometimes the problem can be due to faulty brakes. Either the brake pad or the brake disc may be worn out.


As a responsible driver, you need to take seriously each of the warning signs that we have listed above. Failure to do so you will be putting your vehicle at a high risk of brake failure.

Do the replacement in case the service requires you to get rid of the worn out brake parts.

When it comes to buying brake replacement parts, stick to buying from genuine brake parts manufacturers and suppliers.

This way you will be sure of the quality of brake parts that you will find.

You should also take your vehicle to the professional mechanics for the brake service.

In addition to getting your brakes serviced, you will also be given advice on how to take care of your brakes.

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