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For the past 28 years Frontech Brake Disc Factory only do one thing that is produce Brake Discs. If you need any Brake Discs and brake rotors for your business or brake disc supplier, you’ve come to the right place! Owing to our vast experience in the brake disc domain, with the valuable assistance of creative brake disc team of our professionals, Frontech Brake Disc Factory engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of brake discs. It is one of the most popular brake discs manufacturers and brake disc supplier in China.

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China Reliable Manufacturers of Brake Disc Rotors
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Frontech Brake Discs Factory is one of the top brake discs manufacturers and brake disc supplier for 28 years in China, we are now supplying customers in more than 50 countries.   Our brake disc factory engineering team is professional and experienced in handling with all main tech standards like SAE, JIS, DIN, and we can work with English, German, Portugal, Spanish, Arabic.

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Frontech Brake Disc Factory advantage is one-stop service for our customers, while FRONTECH brake disc factory has organized more than 5000 items brakes discs, brake drums, brake pads, and some other car parts and custom- made parts.Your best choice for brake disc supplier in China.

Why Choose Frontech Brake Disc Factory ?

  • Develop new brake disc according to your requirements.
  • Offer you brake disc samples to test quality.
  • Packing of brake disc, we can design as your request.
  • If you visit China brake disc supplier, we would like to meet you in Frontech brake disc factory.
  • All your requests will be replied within 12 working hours.
  • Supply one year factory warranty on all brake discs.
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What is brake disc? how does brake disc work ? what components does brake disc include? List all materials of brake discs. the Complete Guide.
How To Choose brake disc Factory and Manufactuer from China? This guide will tell you many tips on importing brake disc from China.
The complete Guide to Brake Discs, this guide tells importers and buyers, to know more about brake pads manufacturer from China.
To become a dealer or distributor of Frontech China brake discs. and boost your brake discs business with Frontech China.

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What are Brake Discs and How do They Work?

There are two main types of brakes for cars. These are drum and disc brakes. You are here because you are interested in buying disc brakes.

Or, you want to do a disc brake replacement.

Maybe you just want to know more about disc brakes, their components and how they work.

Simply defined, a disc brake is a type of brake that has calipers whose function is to squeeze a pair of brake pads against a disc or rotor. As they squeeze the brake pads, friction is created on the disc hence slowing down the rotation of the shaft. The end result is felt on the vehicle as it will eventually come to a stop.

Does my car have disc brakes?

All vehicles have disc brakes.

It is the most preferred type of brake for the front wheels.

This means that even if your car has drum brakes., they will only be on the rear wheels.

Otherwise, the front wheels will always have disc brakes.

This means that you should yearn to get vital information about disc brakes.

You may use the information later on when dealing with an issue with regards to your disc brakes.

In this guide, we are going to highlight key information about disc brakes.

Chapter 1: What does a Disc Brake Do?

The answer to this question is simple and straightforward.

A disc brake is designed to slow down or even stop a vehicle from moving.

However, there are many processes that are involved in enabling a disc brake to perform its core mandate.

This is why you need to explore how a disc brake works.

How does a disc brake work?

The working principle of an auto disc brake is not complicated.

To understand how a disc brake works,  here are the components that make up this braking system:

-Brake pads


-A piston which is on the caliper

-Automotive disc brake rotors

Now let’s look at how these different components work together to achieve their mandate:

When you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid will push the piston outwards.

The piston will push the brake pads against the disc which is rotating.

The caliper will move inwards forcing the brake pads to push further outwards pressing the disc firmly.

A significant amount of friction is created between the brake pads and the rotating disc slows down the vehicle.

When you continue pressing the brake pedal, the vehicle will eventually come to a stop.

Once you release the brake pedal, the brake pad will move away from the disc.

This video summarizes the working mechanism of an auto disc brake system.

Chapter 2: What is the Difference Between a Brake Rotor and a Brake Disc?

Is brake disc the same thing ad brake rotor?

No. The two are different objects.

This is despite the fact they are designed to do the same thing.

A brake disc refers to the whole assembly of the car’s brake system.

It comprises of the brake rotors, brake pads, and caliper which holds the brake pads in position.

On the other hand, a brake rotor refers to the actual disc itself.

A brake rotor is a sizable flat circle disc that is connected to the axle of the car.

They rotors form the heart of the disc brake system since the brake pads get attached to them directly.

Probably you occasionally hear of the rear brake disc rotor and the front disc brake rotor.

Apart from the brake pads, it is also possible to do a brake disc replacement.

Chapter 3: How do You Know if You Need New Brake Discs?

As we have said you can do a brake disc replacement.

You may want to replace your slotted disc brake rotors with the new ones.

But, how do you know that it is time to do a brake disc replacement?

First, check for wear to determine its physical state.

If it seems to be in a bad state, know that it is time to do a replacement.

The unusual sound coming from the brakes could be a sign that you need to do a replacement.

It is always advisable that you should buy disc brake rotors after covering between 15,000 and 70,000 miles.

Your type of car and your driving habits will actually determine exactly when you should do brake disc rotor replacement.

Disc brake pad repair may be considered if your rotors are accidentally damaged.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to change brake discs.

Chapter 4: Is it Hard to Change Brake Pads?

Changing brake discs  source PIXABAY

Changing brake pads is not a complicated process?

So are you planning to do a brake pad replacement yourself?

You can go ahead and do it as you will be able to save some brake disc replacement cost.

The process is not hard at all.

All you need is to trust your skills.

Then know all the disc brake components.

This video can help you to change the brake pads easily

What if am not sure of my skills?

Well, it is not a crime to take your car to the mechanic for a brake pad replacement.

Although doing this can lead to a high brake pad replacement cost, it is much safer and time-saving.

How To Install Brake Discs

How do I install brake discs into my car’s brake system?

First, ensure that your car is safely packed and properly jacked.

It is always safe to start with the front disc brake pads

Secondly, remove the caliper and the from the system.

You can do this my simply unscrewing the caliper bracket.

The final step is to remove the actual brake disc.

To install the new brake discs, simply repeat the process by starting with the brake rotor.

You can also use the instructions from the brake disc manufacturer.


When it comes to the issue of car brakes, you should not take anything lightly.

Brakes can be the only that will save you from a car-related accident.

Give your disc brakes full attention that they deserve.

Ensure that they are in a proper working condition so that they deliver what they were designed to do.

Start by buying high-performance brake rotors.

You can then strive to do brake pad replacement when necessary.

Ensure that you buy the correct type of auto disc brake.

The brake disc size should match with the specifications of your car’s brake system.

To ensure that everything goes on smoothly, find reliable brake disc manufacturer and tell them every detail that you want.

It is always good to take precautions in good time so as to avoid disappointments.


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  1. How to replace brake discs

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