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Frontech China only do one thing that is produce brake pads and kits. If you need any brake pads and brake discs for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Owing to our vast experience in the auto chassis, with the valuable assistance of creative brake team of our professionals, Frontech China engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of  brake system.

brake pads kits
brake pads kits
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Pad Kits
brake pads kits
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Pad Kits
brake pads kits
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Pad Kits
brake pads kits
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Pad Kits

China Brake Pad Kits Manufacturer

As a famous OEM brake pad and brake discs manufacturers and Suppliers, We are positive on the technology developing, currently there are more than 2300 items of disk brake pads in our products range, We have 8 formulas brake pads, including semi-metallic, low-metallic, ceramic etc.

All of them have passed the strictly tested by the authority testing labs which proved our performance data are very excellent.   And the advantages of our formulation are well trusted by the clients for its no asbestos, no dust, no noise, long life etc, and also are popular in the international market in a very long time.

There are our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products. And we also manage the production strictly according to the ISO9001, TS16949 quality system, ECE, R90,AMECA.  We have a strong R&D team and professional brake pad factory, we can develop and produce brake pads according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

Our annual production capacity is over 1000 containers per a year, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.

We focus on developing high-quality auto brake pad for top-end markets.  Our products are in line with international standards, and are mainly exported to Euro, America, Russia, Middle East and other destinations around the world.

Why Choose Frontech Brake Pad Kits?

  • Includes ceramic brake lubricant and premium stainless steel hardware kits
  • 5 years warranty on all our brake pads products.
  • Inspect all incoming materials for all brake pads products
  • Do full inspection of all orders before delivery.
  • 24/7 support on all your customerized requirements
  • Reliable direct brake pad manufacturer and supplier in China.

Become an Expert When Importing Brake Pad Kits from China

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How To Choose brake pad kits Supplier and Manufacturer from China? This guide will tell you many tips on importing brake pad kits from China.
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The complete Guide to brake pad kits, this guide tells importers and buyers, to know more about brake pad kits manufacturer from China.
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To become a dealer or distributor of Frontech China brake pad kits. and boost your brake pad kits business with Frontech China.

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Front Brake Pads and Rotor Kits

Brake pad and rotor source PIXABAY

Disc brake kit is used on the front wheels of almost all types of vehicles. This is because it is designed to withstand the massive weight and force of the vehicle when you are stopping. On the other hand, the drum brake is usually used on the rear wheels of the vehicle. The most basic components that make up the front disc brake kit are the brake pads and brake rotors.

In this article, we will focus our attention on the front brake pad and rotor kits. You will learn something about these two components of a front disc brake kit.

Chapter 1: Brake Pads vs Brake Rotors: What is the Difference?

Brake pad and rotor source PIXABAY

Are the brake pads the same as brake rotors?

Absolutely no.

Although these two components work together to achieve a common goal, their design, make and character is totally different.

Brake rotors are disc-shaped and are attached to the axle of the wheels.

The rotate alongside the wheel.

When you apply the brakes, the brake pads will have a contact with the brake rotor creating a frictional force between them.

This is the force that will be responsible for slowing down or even stopping the vehicle.

So, we are simply saying that brake pads are different from brake rotors.

Chapter 3: Can I Just Replace the Front Brake Pads and Not Rotors

Brake pads source PIXABAY

The most common characteristic of the front brake pads and rotor kits is both need to be replaced.

But, the biggest question here is, should I replace both of them at the same time?

The answer is you don’t have to replace brake rotors at the same time that you replace the brake rotors.

The main reason is these two front brake kits wear put at a different rate.

Generally, brake pads wear out faster than the brake discs.

This means that you are likely to replace your brake pads too much earlier before you do the same with the brake rotors.

Changing brake pads and rotors will help to keep your vehicle’s brake system in a proper working condition.

Driving with warped brake pads and discs will put you at a high risk of being affected by brake failure.

Chapter 4: Brake Pad and Brake Rotor Replacement Cost

Brake pad replacement source PIXABAY

So, how much are brake pads and rotors?

Before you buy brake pads and rotors, you need to know the amount of money that you will spend.

The average cost of a brake pad is between $50 to $150.

This, of course, depends on the type of brake pad that you are buying and where you are buying from.

Let’s assume that the labor cost for brake pad replacement is $100.

This means that the total cost of brake pad replacement is between $150 and $300.

The good news is you can get rid of the labor cost if you decide to do the job yourself.

How much are the brake rotors?

The price of brake rotors is between $200 and $400.

Again, the price depends on the type of the rotor and where you are buying.

Are you buying drilled brake rotors or are you going for the slotted brake rotors?

While you can be lucky to get cheap brake rotors, performance brake rotors are quite expensive.

Assuming that the average cost of labor for changing brake rotors is $150, the total cost of brake rotor replacement can go up to $500.

DIY is just one of the ways of reducing on the cost.

You should also be on the lookout for the best brake pads and rotors manufacturers.

They will offer quality front brake kits at reasonable prices.

Chapter 4 Brake Rotor Resurfacing

Video of brake rotor resurfacing:

Instead of doing a brake rotor replacement, you may opt to resurface them.

This is the process of reworking on the surface of the brake rotors to make them look new again.

You may opt to do this if the larger part of the brake rotor still looks to be in a perfect condition and the only problem is the surface that comes into contact with the brake pad.

Why should I resurface the brake rotor?

The friction and heat that is generated between the brake pad and rotor usually create hard spots on the rotor.

The rotors can also develop some grooves and rust over time.

These changes will prevent the brake rotor from making a perfect grip with the brake pads.

The overall result of this is an underwhelming performance from the rotor.

Brake rotor resurfacing helps to restore the flat surface of the rotor.

It gets rid of the contours and all the hard spots that are on the surface of the rotor.

In doing so, the brake pad and rotor will have a near-perfect grip hence excellent performance.

Brake rotor resurfacing is usually regarded as a cheaper alternative to brake rotor replacement.

However, it is not a viable solution to brake problems.

There are many situations where you will have no other option but to do a complete brake rotor replacement.

Chapter 5: What are the Best Performance Brake Rotors

Image of brake rotor source PIXABAY

It is obvious that at the end of the day, we all want to get the best brake pads and rotors.

When it comes to brake rotors, which options should you explore?

Here are some of the high-performance brake rotors that you should buy:

-Wagner brake rotors: These brake rotors are engineered for high performance.

They have an E-shield coating that makes them ideal for all the braking surfaces.

– Brembo brake rotors: Brembo manufactures both drilled and slotted brake rotors for high-performance cars.

-Centric Brake Rotors. For years, Centric has been setting standards when it comes to selling automotive parts.

-Frontech China Brake Rotors: Frontech is leading brake rotor manufacturer in China.

The company manufactures a wide range of brake rotors for different vehicles.


-EBC Brake Rotors: EBC is another global brand that manufactures brake pads and rotors.

These are the best brake rotor brands that you can buy from.

As you know, there are several advantages of buying from renowned brands.


Approximately 80% of a vehicle’s stopping power is vested on the front brake pads and rotor kits.

This means that you need to be careful when buying brake pads and kits.

Ensure that you buy quality brake kits that will deliver desired results.

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