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Frontech China only do one thing that is produce brake system. If you need any brake pads and brake discs for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Owing to our vast experience in the auto chassis parts domain,with the valuable assistance of creative brake team of our professionals, Frontech China engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of disc brake, drum brake, pad kits and sensors.

China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Sensors
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Sensors
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Sensors
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Sensors

China Brake Sensors Manufacturer

The brake sensor is normally attached to the brake pad itself. Because brake rotors wear at a similar rate on the front two brake rotors, it’s pretty common to only see one brake sensor. This is because if one side is wearing low, it’s almost always the case that the other side is at the same wear thickness. The brake sensor itself is normally a wire that is encapsulated by a plastic compound. Once the compound wears down to what is considered a minimum wear level on the brake pads, the metal wire makes contact with the metal brake rotor, creating a light to display on the car’s dash. This holds true for the rear brake pads and rotors, too.

Once your brake maintenance light triggers, you need to replace the brake sensor as they are only meant for one time use. Re-using old brake sensors that have already been triggered will not work even with new pads as they will always show your brakes need replacement, even if you just replaced the brake pads.

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Brake Pad Sensors

Brake pad sensor Image source AutoAnything

A brake pad sensor which is also known as brake wear indicator is a device that warns a driver that you need to do a brake pad replacement. The sensor is usually attached on more than three wheels of a vehicle. The message from the three wheels can tell you about the condition of your brake pads.

Regardless of the type of car that you own or your driving habit, you should have a brake sensor. Obviously, you want to be surprised out of nowhere about the bad state of your brake pads.

How does a brake sensor look like?

Basically, brake sensors are U-shaped copper wires that are connected to the dashboard of a car.

When the brake pads become very thin, the sensors will light up an LED indicator on your dashboard to warn you.

Chapter 1: Do I Need to Replace Brake Sensor?

You are used to doing brake pad replacement.

What about the sensor?

Should I also replace it or should I just leave it the way it is?

To be precise, you need to replace your sensor every time that you replace the brake pads.

But why should you do so

Does the sensor also wear down alongside the brake pad?

First, it is important to know that when the brake pad is still new, the sensor is positioned at the very back of the pad.

As the brake pad wears down, it will be moving along with the sensor.

When the pad wears down completely, the sensor element will get into direct contact with the brake rotor.

It is at this point that you will see the warning light on your dashboard.

Once the sensor has touched the rotor, its job is literally over.

This is because it will be subjected to friction force.

This is despite the fact that it is very thin.

You won’t be able to use that brake sensor again.

Instead, you should get a new sensor that will deliver the results accurately.

Reinstalling an already-used sensor means that you will get very inaccurate results.

Even if the brake sensor may look good after a brake pad replacement, don’t be tempted to use it.

The heat and friction might have cause unseen damaged on the surface of the sensor.

As you know, matters of a vehicle’s braking system should not be taken lightly.

When replacing drum brakes, do not forget to include the sensors.

In fact, it should be among the key components that should be in your drum brake replacement kit.

Should I replace the sensor when doing a car brake change?

Yes, it is advisable to do so.

A brake replacement process means that major components of your car’s braking system are not in good shape.

This may include the brake sensors.

So, it will be unavoidable to do a brake pad replacement.

Chapter 2: How Does a Brake Sensor Work?

Brake pad and sensor Image source Ishikawa Enegineering

What is the working principle of a brake pad sensor?

A brake pad sensor has a very simple and concise working mechanism.

Physically, the sensor consists of a rubber that is tied on a wire loop.

This loop is installed at a particular set position of the brake pad.

As expected, the brake pad will wear down over time.

Once it wears down beyond a particular level, the wire of the sensor will get into direct contact with the metallic brake rotor.

This will cause a circuit break and the signal of the events will be passed to the dashboard of the engine computer (ECU).

You will see the signal through a LED light on the dashboard of your vehicle.

As you can see, the working principle of a brake sensor is not complicated.

It is as simple as that! No complex electronics.

Chapter 3: How Much doe it Cost to Replace Brake Sensor?

Video of how to replace brake sensor

Now that you know the importance of brake sensor replacement, it is time to do a cost analysis.

What is the cost of replacing brake sensors for my car?

The price of a new brake sensor falls between $100 and $200.

The cost also depends on the model of the car that you drive.

This is brake sensors are manufactured to be used for specific vehicles.

For instance, sensors for Mercedes Benz brake pads are different from those of RX8 brake pads.

Each sensor will definitely have its own price tag.

Also, the cost of brake sensors can vary depending on where you are buying.

Some brake pad sensor manufacturers are expensive while others are affordable.

Where can I get cheap brake sensors?

It all depends on the efforts that you will put in comparing what different suppliers have.

Chapter 4: How Many Brake Sensors for my Car?

There is no definite number of brake pad sensors that you should buy.

The model of your vehicle will determine the number of sensors that you should buy.

For some cars, you may need to buy only 2 brake sensors while other models will require that you buy  3 sensors.

So, it is important to check the requirements of your vehicle before buying brake pad sensors online.

Chapter 5: Is it safe to Drive with ABS and Brake Lights On?

Brake pad sensor source AutoAnything

Yes, you can safely drive your car even when the brake lights are flashing.

However, you should check if both the ABS and the brake lights are on.

If both of them are on, stop your vehicle and wait for help.


I hope you now know the importance of brake sensors in a car.

They play a very critical role that cannot be ignored.

When looking for a sensor, you need to be careful about the location where you should install it.

Some sensors are designed for the front wheel while others are for the rear wheel.

Some can be installed on both the front and the rear wheel.

You should also narrow down on the brand of the brake sensor.

Are the sensors from a reputable brand? If so, consider buying them.

Compare different brands of brake sensors before choosing one.

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