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For the past 28 years Frontech China only do one thing that is produce Brakes. If you need any Brake Drum for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Owing to our vast experience in the brakes domain,with the valuable assistance of creative Brake Drum team of our professionals, Frontech China engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Brake Drum.

China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Drum
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Drum
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Drum
China Reliable Manufacturer of Brake Drum

China Brake Drum Manufacturer

FRONTECH brakes is top Brake Drum suppliers for 28 years in china, we are now supplying customers in more than 50 countries. Our engineering team is professional and experienced in handling with all main tech standards like SAE, JIS, DIN, and we can work with English, German, Portugal, Spanish, Arabic.
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What is brake drum? how does brake drum work ? what components does brake drum include? List all materials of brake drum. the Complete Guide.
How To Choose brake drum Supplier and Manufactruer from China? This guide will tell you many tips on importing brake drums from China.
The complete Guide to Brake Drum, this guide tells importers and buyers, to know more about brake drums manufacturer from China.
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Brake Drums Buying Guide

Brake Drum Image

When it comes to owning and driving a vehicle, safety is paramount. One of the key components that contribute to the safety of the car is the braking system. A drum brake is a common type of braking system. This type of brake works with the help of shoes and pads to stop the vehicle or reduce its speed.

You are concerned about the drum brakes obviously because your vehicle uses this type of braking system.

Or maybe, you are torn between choosing drum brakes vs disc brakes.

You want to choose the best option.

Truthfully speaking, buying drum brakes should not be something that you should do in a rush.

You need to take your time unless you are ready to be disappointed.

First, you have to keep in mind that there is a wide variety of drum brake parts.

Each drum brake part that you buy has its unique specifications.

Whether it is drum brake pads or drum brake shoes, ensure that the specifications match with those of your cars.

You also need to know the price of the drum brake parts that you are planning to buy.

Another important thing that you should know is the drum brake manufacturer.

What are the credentials of the manufacturer whom you are buying from?

Chapter 1: What do Brake Drums do?

We all know that drum brakes are designed to stop or decelerate a moving car.

This may sound too general, right?

But how do they achieve this goal?

First, you should know that drum brakes have different components that enable them to do the job.

These components include:

Brake shoes

-Anchor plate

-Wheel cylinder

-Actuating elements

-Return springs

When you you apply some force on the brake pedal, the two curved brake shoes will exert some force on the inner surface of the rotating brake drum.

Keep in mind that the drum brake shoes have a material friction lining which will touch the surface of the rotating brake drum.

The friction force will cause the rotating brake down to reduce the frequency of rotation.

While doing so, the vehicle will slow down or eventually come to a stop.

To have a better understanding of how the drum brakes work, watch this video.

Chapter 2: How Long do Brake Drums Last?

Obviously, your brake pads won’t last forever.

There will come a time when you will have to replace the rear drum brakes or the front drum brakes.

This is because the drum brakes take quite a beating when in use.

The brake shoes will always be subjected to continuous wear and tear.

So, how long should I wait before doing a drum brake pad replacement?

Brake Drum Interchange

In most cases, brake drums for most cars are built to last for approximately 200,000 miles.

However, this does not apply to all the vehicles and in all circumstances.

In some cases, you can do brake drums replacement even before hitting the 100K miles.

Quite a number of brake drum suppliers usually indicate the expected lifespan of the drum brake system.

This usually happens when the drum parts start wearing fast.

As they do so, the brake drum will not function properly as expected.

How can I tell that my brake drums are wearing down?

One of the signs is the reduction in size.

They become significantly smaller.

Do you know how to measure the size of the brake drums?

If you are not sure of how to do it, talk to your mechanics.

Let them do the measurements for you.

Otherwise, you can still tell that the size has reduced.

Disk and drum brakes are usually replaced in pairs.

This is done to maintain the uniformity of the auto drum.

You cannot have one new and one old brake drums.

All of them need to be similar.

When doing the replacement, ensure that you check all the drum parts and other components of a car’s braking system.

Ensure that the worn-out brake drum has not caused any damage.

Are you experiencing any unexpected issues when doing brake drum replacement?

Maybe it is time to contact professional mechanics.

Chapter 3: What is the Purpose of a Brake Drum?

Brake drum image Courtesy Speedway Motors

Brake pads form an integral component of a drum brake.

The brake drum colludes with the brake shoe to produce friction force.

This force is responsible for the deceleration power.

It reduces the speed at which the wheel of the vehicle rotates.

In doing, the car can either move slower or come to a complete halt.

Do you know that brake drums also play the role of heat transfer?

They assist in discharging heat that has been generated by the braking action.

How does this happen?

Well, the friction effect that is generated by the brake shoe lining absorbs some heat.

While doing so, the temperature of the braking system will remain stable.

Chapter 4: Is Disc Brake Better than Drum?

The debate of disc brake vs drum brake is not ending any time soon.

The first difference is how they work.

From a general perspective, a drum brake is just around a drum that has shoes inside.

The drum brake rotates alongside the wheel.

When you apply the brake pedal, the shoes will exert force against the side of the drum which will in turn force the wheel to stop.

On the other hand, brake disks spin within the wheels.

When you apply the brake, a caliper will exert pressure against the disk.

This will in turn force the wheels to slow down or even stop.

Which type of brake should I choose

Which brake should I choose between drum brakes vs disc brakes?

When choosing, you need to consider the amount of friction and heat dissipation.

You also need to consider the driving conditions.

For instance, drum brakes are not that effective in wet or rainy weather.

Another thing that you should consider is the cost of the brakes.

Disc brakes are considered expensive than drum brakes.

It is also cheaper to repair and maintain drum brakes than disc brakes.

Chapter 5: How Much Does it Cost to Replace Drum Brakes?

As the drum brakes wear down, you will need to do a mandatory replacement.

It is important to know the rear drum brake replacement cost.

Full drum brake replacement cost varies between $250 and $350.

Of course, the cost may vary depending on various factors.

Do you know that rear drum brake replacement cost can be different from the front drum brakes replacement cost?

Drum brake components can also affect the overall cost.

Such components include drum brake piston, brake springs for drum brake, brake shoes among others.



It is quite clear that you need to do brake drum replacement over time.

How you handle the process will determine the end results.

As usual, it all starts by choosing the right drum brakes suppliers.

Choosing the right manufacturer will guarantee you the best results.







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