Brake Shoe

  • Premium Dipped Coating – Provides corrosion resistance for superior durability.
  • Ensures safe operation and adequate durability.
  • Excellent fade recovery.
  • Very good wear with long working life.
  • Excellent braking efficiency under any extreme condition.
  • Low dusting formulation.
  • OE specific assembly processes.

Reference No.

GS8696 58305-4AA00


Car Application

Hyundai JK-01 1997/02-2003/12-
Hyundai STAREX MPV (H1) 1997/06-
Hyundai H1 KMF 1997/10-
Hyundai PORTER Bus 1994/07-2004/04


In drum braking systems, brake shoes play a similar role to that of pads in disc versions. These shoes have a curved steel surface, one side of which is lined with an abrasive material. This material creates the friction that your wheels need to stop. Drum brakes are less effective than the modern disc versions, but many modern cars still use the former on their rear wheels. Standard brake shoes are more or less the same in terms of the amount of friction they create, whereas it is easy to buy brake pads made from different materials for varying levels of friction. This is one of the reasons that brake shoes are the less expensive of the two. Brake shoe wear and tear is the most common issue in faulty drum brake systems. For this reason, ineffective drum brakes are usually a sign that you need to replace the shoes. Car Parts 4 Less supplies low-cost brake shoes for all relevant makes and models.

Technical data


Position Rear
Diameter 270 mm
Width 53 mm

brake shoe

MOQ: 50sets each items, 2000 sets for one order.


Package: Plastic bag + FRONTECH Color Box or Customer Brand Box +Pallet+Container
4 PCS=1 set
200 sets = 1 Pallet
5000sets= 1*20’GP


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Samples policy: One or two sets with no charge

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