Brake Rotor

  • Enough stopping power under normal driving conditions.
  • Very effective at acting as a heat-sink.
  • Not as prone to cracking under extreme use like drilled rotors can be.
  • Maintain maximum structural integrity.
  • There are several varieties available.
  • Fight off surface rust and maintain their like-new appearance.
  • Long life time,30000-50000KMs

Reference No. Of Brake Rotors

MF7024 YH20894 DF4315 DF7389 55311-75F00

Car Application Of Brake Rotors

SUZUKI WAGON R+ MPV (EM) 1997-2000

Technical data of Brake Rotors

Front Or Rear Axle Front
Height 49.2 mm
Diameter 231 mm
Centering Diameter 60 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter 100 mm
Brake Disc Thickness 17.0 mm
Minimum Thickness 15 mm
Num. of holes 4
Solid or Vented V
Weight 3.5 kg


For knowledge, advice and guidance, the Internet is definitely your most useful tool. A quick search through the forums section of any car enthusiast site could likely take you to a posting by someone who has already done the very conversion you’re about to attempt. If not, you can post your questions and concerns and wait for a response. For vehicle-specific assembly instructions

Front Disc Brake Conversion

If you’re doing a front disc brake conversion, you’re probably working on an older vehicle. This may mean that you will have to do more than simply replace the old brakes.

Removing the Drum Brakes

Not all d­rum brakes are created equal, but they’re all similar enough that removing them follows the same basic steps. Start by removing the wheels and tires. Next, you will need to take off the dust cap, and then remove the center nut, washer and brake-drum bolts.

Disconnect the brake hose before you remove the drum, and once you’ve taken the drum off, you should inspect the spindle. If the spindle is worn or rusted, you should replace it. But if it looks good, you can clean it up and reuse it. Now just reposition and secure the steering arm and you’re halfway to the finish line.­

Installing the Disc Brakes

Some brake conversion kits come pre-assembled, but assuming yours isn’t, or if you’re using recycled parts, here’s how you can assemble your disc brakes. Attach the rotor to the spindle and then put on the bearing and nut, the washer and the cotter pin. Now put on the dust cap, and then you can move on to the caliper assembly.

Before you put the caliper on the rotor, attach the new brake lines and install the pads. Then you can put the caliper in position over the rotor, reattach the brake lines and then back go the wheels and tires.

After you’ve finished the conversion, you will need to bleed the brakes and refresh the brake fluid. Bleeding the brakes will flush out any air that’s gotten into the brake line. And since you’ve disconnected those lines, there will be air inside. This can cause your brakes to feel spongy or can make your pedal dip close to the floor.­

Let’s move on to how to do a successful rear disc conversion.

Rear Disc Brake Conversion

One reason automakers favor a front-disc/rear-drum configuration (aside from the low cost), is that drum brakes require a simpler — and cheaper — mechanism to operate the parking brake. On drum brakes, the parking brake cable controls a lever that’s connected to the brake shoes. With disc brakes, the lever attaches to a separate mechanical device inside the caliper piston that pushes the piston into the pads. On some cars, the lever attaches to a separate drum inside the rear brake rotor, depending on single-piston or four-piston calipers brakes.

What this means for your conversion is that, depending on your vehicle, you may need to install an entirely new parking brake system. If you’re lucky and your new brakes are compatible with your parking brake system, all you’ll need to do is disconnect the parking brake before removing the old brakes, and then reconnect it after you’ve installed the new ones.

Removing The Drum Brakes

Rear drum removal is essentially the same as removing front drums, except for that pesky parking brake. Start by removing the wheels and then the dust cap, the center nut and washer and the brake-drum bolts. Before you remove the drum, you need to disconnect the brake hose and parking brake cable. After you remove the drum, inspect the spindle and either replace it or reuse it. Then reposition and secure the steering arm.

Installing The Disc Brakes

Attach the rotor to the spindle, followed by the washer, the bearing and nut and the cotter pin. Then put the dust cap on and move on to the caliper assembly.­

Before positioning the caliper on the rotor, attach the new brake lines and install the pads. Then place the caliper over the rotor and attach the parking brake and the brake lines. Put the wheels and tires back on and you’re nearly done.

As with the front conversion, it’s extremely important to bleed the brakes and refresh the brake fluid. Equally important is testing the parking brake and making necessary adjustments


MOQ: 50sets each items, 2000 sets for one order.

MOQ: 100 pieces each items, 2000 pieces for one order.

Package: Plastic bag + FRONTECH Color Box or Customer Brand Box +Pallet+Container
2 pcs=1 set
150 pieces = 1 Pallet
20 pallets= 1*20’GP

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Complete Brake Pads & Rotors Cost Guide-FRONTECH CHINA

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Complete Brake Pads & Rotors Cost Guide-FRONTECH CHINA


If you are planning to buy brake pads and brake rotors, it is wise to know their prices. The information about the cost of brake pads and brake rotors will help you to plan your budget properly. In this article, I am going to guide you on everything that entails the cost of brake pads and brake rotors. Next time that you will be buying brake pads and brake rotors in China, you won’t have to worry about the issue of pricing.


Brake pad and brake rotor PIXABAY

No matter how good your car is, it will be meaningless if its brake system is not functioning well.

Although a brake system comprises of several components, there are two major components that you need to be fully familiar with.

These are the brake pads and the brake rotors.

They work hand in hand in ensuring that the vehicle slows down or stops.

You should also know that these two components are replaceable.

You need to replace them once they are past their lifespan.

So, what is the average cost of buying and replacing brake pads and brake rotors?

Read on as we analyze different aspects of pricing.

Chapter 1: Average Brake Pad Cost

Brake pad source PIXABAY

How much do brake pads cost?

The average cost of replacing brake pads falls between $100 to $300 per axle.

These figures include the cost of hiring a professional brake specialist to do the brake pad replacement.

Otherwise, the price of brake pads ranges between $35 to $200 for a set of 4 brake pads.

This price depends on the material of the brake pad, where you buy and type of your vehicle.

How many brake pads should I replace?

If the brake pads of the left front wheels are worn out, you should also replace the ones of the right wheels.

The reason you should do this is to ensure that both the brake pads wear out at the same time.

Failure to do so means that one set of brake pads will wear out before the other.

In doing so, your vehicle will lean towards one side every time that you will be applying the brakes.

Chapter 2: What is the Cost of Brake Rotors?

The cost of doing a complete brake rotor replacement ranges between $200 and $400.

Again, these figures have factored in the cost of hiring a brake specialist.

Otherwise, the price of actual brake rotors falls between $40 and $100.

The price of brake rotors varies depending on the type, quality, and manufacturer of the disc brake rotor.

As usual, you should expect to pay a high price for the high-performance disc brake rotors.

Chapter 3: What Does a Brake Service Entail?

When you take your car for a brake shop, it is obvious that you would like to know what you are paying for.

So, what does a full brake service entail?

The most basic thing that is done is the replacement of brake pads and brake shoes.

These two components are removed and replaced with the new ones.

In case the brake rotors are in good condition, they brake specialist will resurface them.

The brake specialist may also go ahead to replace the brake caliper and change the brake fluid.

How long does the brake service take?

The whole process will last for only a few hours and you will have your vehicle back.

Chapter 4: Tips for Saving Money with Brake Pads and Brake Rotors

Brake disc source PIXABAY

Let’s assume that you have set a goal to save money.

You want to reduce the amount of money that you spend on your car.

Do you know that it is possible to reduce the cost of brake pad and brake disc replacements?

One way of achieving this goal is by doing the brake service yourself.

Here we are simply implying that you invoke DIY brake service.

By doing this, you will be able to cut on the labor that is required to do the brake service.

However, you should only invoke the DIY if you are 100% knowledgeable and skillful on the matters pertaining to brake pads and rotors.

Don’t do the job if you are not sure.

You may end up damaging other sensitive brake parts and increase the cost of brake pad maintenance.

Instead, get an affordable brake service shop to do the brake replacement.

Another easy way of saving on the brake service is by looking out for the best brake replacement deals.

Don’t hesitate to choose those deals that you think will downsize on the cost of brake pad and brake discs.

Another effective way trick that can help you save on the cost of brake service is doing the replacement in time.

Don’t wait until your brake pads and brake rotors are completely worn out.

The longer you wait the higher you will pay.

This is because by delaying, you may end up damaging other brake component such as the  brake  caliper.

The earlier you do  the brake service the better.

Chapter 5: Choosing Brake Pad and Rotor Manufacturer

As we had already mentioned, the price of brake pads and rotors is directly related to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer or supplier that you choose will have an impact on how much you will pay.

Even when you are buying brake pads for wholesale, don’t just pick any manufacturer hastily.

Instead, take your time to see what the manufacturer is offering.

You may be lucky to get irresistible brake replacement deals.

You may end up finding the best discounts on brake rotors or even brake pads discounts.

These will go a long way in saving your money.


I hope that now you have the right information regarding the cost of brake pads and brake disc.

The only step that is remaining is to contact the manufacturer and order for the brake pads and rotors.

While buying brake pads and rotors online, try to give out as much information as possible.

This is to help the manufacturer and supplier deliver the right product.

Ensure that specifications of both the brake pads and rotors much with those of your vehicles.

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