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For the past 28 years, Frontech China only does one thing that is produce brake pads. It is one professional brake pads manufacturer in China. If you need any brake pads and brake discs for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Owing to our vast experience in the brake pads domain,with the valuable assistance of creative brake team of our professionals, Frontech China engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of brake pads and brake discs.

China Reliable Frontech Brake Pads
China Reliable Supplier of Brake Pads
China Reliable Supplier of Brake Pads
China Brake Pads
China Reliable Brake Pads
China Brake Pads
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China Brake Pads

As a famous OEM brake pad and brake discs Suppliers, We are positive on the technology developing, currently, there are more than 2300 items of disk brake pads in our products range, We have 8 formulas brake pads, including semi-metallic, low-metallic, ceramic, etc.

All of them have passed the strictly tested by the authority testing labs which proved our performance data are very excellent. And the advantages of our formulation are well trusted by the clients for its no asbestos, no dust, no noise, long life etc, and also are popular in the international market in a very long time.

There are our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products. And we also manage the production strictly according to the ISO9001, TS16949 quality system, ECE, R90, AMECA.  We have a strong R&D team and professional brake pad factory, we can develop and produce brake pads according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

Our annual production capacity is over 1000 containers per year, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.

We focus on developing high-quality auto brake pad for top-end markets.  Our products are in line with international standards and are mainly exported to Euro, America, Russia, the Middle East and other destinations around the world.

Why Choose Frontech Brake Pad?

  • 28 years of brake pads and brake discs manufacturing experience
  • 5 years warranty on all our brake pads products.
  • Inspect all incoming materials for all brake pads products
  • Do full inspection of all orders before delivery.
  • 24/7 support on all your customerized requirements
  • Reliable direct brake pad supplier in China.

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Which are the Right Brake Pads For My Car?

Brake pads source Autoanything

Probably you are aware that brake pads are not universal. There are different types of brake pads designed for different types of vehicles.

Let’s say you own a sports car, a normal commuter vehicle, an offroad truck or a heavy-duty vehicle. Which are the best brake pads for your vehicle?

Regardless of the vehicle that you are owning, you should always strive to have the right brake pads.

You cannot just go online and import the cheapest brake pads from China.

You first need to know whether the brake pads will fully meet your needs.

Ask as many questions as possible

The first question that you should ask is: Are these the right brake pads for my car?

Why you should get specific brake pads for your car

Why shouldn’t I buy any brake pads for my cars?

Does the type of brake pads really matter?

There are many reasons why you should be keen on the type of brake pads that you buy.

One of the reasons is you may want brake pads that will last for long.

Probably the ones that came with the vehicle didn’t perform well as per your expectations.

Another reason is you might have upgraded your vehicle.

For example, you have modified it to be used for offroad purposes yet it was originally designed for streets.

You will have to get different brake pads that will be more off-road friendly.

Moreover, you might have modified your car to be more of a racing car.

This will leave you with no other option but to buy brake pads that are different from the OEM.

Another reason that can motivate you to get specific brake pads is a change in the driving course.

Let’s say you have moved to an area that experiences higher traffic than where you were living.

Coping with the stock brake pads will be quite a challenge.

Now you know that getting specific brake pads for your car is not an option.

It is mandatory.

Exploring Types of Brake Pads for Cars

There are four main types of brake pads that you can buy.

Here is a summary of them:

1.Semi-Metallic brake pads

This type of brake pad consists of 70% metal shavings.

The high percentage of metal components in this brake pad enables them to provide an excellent braking force even when you brake hard.

Because of this, semi-metallic brake pads are always considered among the high-performance brake pads.

The only problem is they produce quite a considerable amount of dust when in use

They also produce some level of noise.

2.Organic brake pads

These brake pads contain organic compounds and a small percentage of metallic elements.

Organic brake pads are very soft hence not suitable for heavy-duty driving.

Because of their softness, organic brake pads tend to wear faster.

3.Low-Metallic Brake Pads

The composition of this brake pads is almost similar to the semi-metallic.

The only difference is they have a smaller percentage of metals than the one in semi-metallic.

They are not as tough as the semi-metallic brake pads.

This means they produce dust and wear out faster.

4.Ceramic brake pads

These are the most expensive type of brake pads that you will buy.

Of course, there is a justification for the high price of ceramic brake pads.

They deliver excellent braking performance.

Also, they do not wear the brake rotors nor produce lots of dust.

Among the four types of brake pads, which one should I get for my vehicle?

To answer this question, let’s look at different vehicles and their ideal brake pads:

Frontech brake pads production line By swallow on 06.24.2019.

The Best Brake Pads for Daily Commuting

A commuter car source pixabay

Let’s say I use my car daily to commute to work or to your business.

Which type of brake pads should I buy?

Under normal circumstances, we can assume that the vehicle is not extremely powerful.

Also, we can assume that apart from the usual traffic, the car is not exposed to extreme driving conditions.

For such a car, you will be safe to buy organic brake pads in China.

They are good enough to give you what you want.

What if am willing to spend more?

Well, low-metallic brake pads won’t be bad.

They can be ideal especially if you have added some modifications on your car to make it faster.

Best Brake Pads for Sports Car

Racing car source pixabay

Sports cars are specially designed for track days.

However, you can still drive them on the streets.

These types of cars have one distinct characteristic.

They are super-fast.

You need brake pads that have high acceleration power.

The pads should be able to withstand the deceleration of a car that is moving at triple digits to zero.
Let’s say from 200mph to 10mph within seconds.

Here you will need to get performance brake pads.

Organic and low metallic brake pads may not be able to withstand such high braking power.

The best brake pads for such a car are the ceramic brake pads.

Most supercars, even the ones that are specifically dedicated for track use ceramic brake pads

Apart from being able to withstand immense braking force, they also provide a perfect grip.

You may also consider having a look at the semi-metallic brake pads.

They are powerful enough for fast-moving cars.

Best Brake Pads for Trucks and 4 × 4 vehicles

Offroad truck source Pixabay

I spend most of my time driving on rough terrain.

Or, I drive trucks for long-distance.

Which type of brake pads should I buy?

Such vehicles need brake pads that can withstand not only the massive weight of the car but also of the tires.

The pads should also keep the vehicle stable even when braking.

Ceramic and the best semi-metallic brake pads are ideal for such vehicles.

They are also considered the best brake pads for towing

They can still perform well even when covered by dirt and other debris.


Among the three different categories of vehicles, where does yours belong?

Once you put your vehicle in one distinct category, it will be much easier to select the best aftermarket brake pads.

If you are not sure, you can contact Frontech brake pads for further clarification.

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