Brake Pads

  • Noise-Level: Ceramic brake pads are very quiet, creating little-to-no extra sound .
  • Created by a composite of ceramic fibers, copper fibers, bonding agents, and filler materials.
  • Heat dissipation, less dust production.
  • Friendly to brake disc rotors.
  • Lightness compared to other types of pads.
  • Extremely useful in racing cars and other sports vehicles.
  • Dissipate heat better for non-drilled and slotted brake rotors, which creates less brake fade.

Reference No. of car brake pad

D1303-8419 GDB7763 FDB4229 04465-60280

Car Application of car brake pad

LEXUS LX570 2008-2011
LEXUS LX570 2013-2014
TOYOTA Land Cruiser 2008-2011
TOYOTA Land Cruiser 2013-2014
TOYOTA Sequoia 2008-2014
TOYOTA Tundra 2007-2014

As a famous OEM brake pad and brake discs manufacturers and Suppliers, FRONTECH are positive on the technology developing, currently there are more than 2300 items of disk brake pads in our products range, We have 8 formulas brake pads, including semi-metallic, low-metallic, ceramic etc. All of them have passed the strictly tested by the authority testing labs which proved our performance data are very excellent. And the advantages of our formulation are well trusted by the clients for its no asbestos,no dust, no noise, long life etc, and also are popular in the international market in a very long time.
There are our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products. And we also manage the production strictly according to the ISO9001, TS16949 quality system, ECE, R90,AMECA.
We have a strong R&D team and professional brake pad factory,we can develop and produce brake pads according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.
Our annual production capacity is over 1000 containers per a year,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.
We focus on developing high-quality auto brake pad for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to Euro, America, Russia, Middle East and other destinations around the world.

Front or Rear Axle Front
Brake System Advics
Width 143.6 mm
Height 84.3 mm
Thickness 18 mm

MOQ: 50sets each items, 2000 sets for one order.

Package: Plastic bag + FRONTECH Color Box or Customer Brand Box + Carton box + Pallet+Container
4 pcs=1 set
10 sets=1 Carton
50 cartons= 1 Pallet
20 pallets= 1*20’GP

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Samples policy: One or two sets with no charge

Are Brake Pads Important?

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Why should you buy brake pads for your car? The brake pads are an integral part of a car’s braking system. They play a role in slowing down or stopping the vehicle. Normally, you may find yourself doubting the capabilities of the brake pads. You may even assume that they are overrated. In this article, we are going to unravel the importance of brake pads on a vehicle

Image of brake pads source PIXABAY

What do Car Brakes Do?

Although this may sound mundane, you first need to understand the role of the car brakes before you assess the importance of the brake pads.

The primary function of the brakes is to slow down or stop the car.

Imagine this, you are driving on a highway and deer appears from the side of the road.

What is the first thing that you will do?

It is obvious that you will slam on the brakes so as to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Well, this is just one function of the brakes.

They save you and other road users from accidents.

The brake pads in conjunction with several other parts of the braking system make it possible for you to bring the car to a complete halt.

No, imagine what would be the scenario if the brake is not working properly.

Let’s say the brake pads and rotors are completely worn out.

Let’s just say you will be lucky to come out of the vehicle alive.

Probably you have heard the grim statistics of car accidents that have been caused by failed brakes.

By failing to take care of your car’s brake system, you will be increasing your chance of being part of these sad statistics.

The best way of avoiding such is by taking care of your brakes.

And one of the things that need your full attention is the car brake pads.

A car’s brake system can only be useful if its brake pads are in good condition.

Chap 2: Importance of Replacing Brake Pads

Image of brake pads source PIXABAY

Why is changing brake pads considered an important practice?

Brake pads replacement is one of the most vital vehicle maintenance practices that you can do.

But, why is the practice considered to be very important?

Over time, the material of brake pads tends to undergo wear and tear.

As this happens, the brake pad st6arts becoming thinner and thinner.

Thin brake pads are rarely effective.

They can’t do anything meaningful when you apply the brakes.

In other words, you will be driving a car whose brake system has completely failed.

The brake pads apply braking force on the axle of the wheels making the vehicle to slow down or even stop.

For them to do so, they need to have a certain level of thickness.

So, the question of why you should replace the brake pads should be out of your mind.

Instead, you should ask yourself, “when should I replace the brake pads?”

Chapter 3: When Should I Replace The Brake Pads?

Diagram of brake pads source PIXABAY

Now here comes the biggest question; What is the appropriate time to replace the brake pads for my car?”

If you ask any car expert this question, you will never be told the exact time when you should replace the brake pads.

You will only be told that brake replacement should be done when you discover that your brake pads are worn out.

So, what are the signs that it is time for me to replace the brake pads?

Here are some of them:

-Squeaking and squealing noise from the brakes

-Grinding metal sound

-The brake pads look thin

-Vibrations whenever you are applying the brakes

-The brake pad indicator turns on

The good news that nowadays you don’t have to guess whether the brake pads are in good condition or not.

A wear indicator is always there to tell you that it is time to replace the brake pads.

The indicator is simply a piece of metal that is attached to the brake pad.

It will come into contact with the brake rotor once the brake pads are worn out beyond a certain level.

Once the wear indicator touches the rotor, you will get the signal on your dashboard.

They don’t have to be completely worn for you to do the replacement.

The earlier you replace them the better.

Most experts recommend that you should replace the brake pads after covering a distance of between 30,000 and 50,000 miles.

However, these figures do not apply to all the brake pads. Some wear out faster than others.

Also, your driving habit and terrain will determine when you should replace the brake pads.

If you usually drive on rough or hilly terrain, you will have to replace your brake pads more often than someone who usually drives on flat and smooth terrain.

The type of vehicle that you drive will also determine when you should replace the brake pads.

Chapter 4: When Should I Replace Brake Rotor?

Just like brake pads, brake rotors are also disposable.

The estimated time for brake rotor replacement is between 15,000 and 70,000 miles.

Also, this period greatly depends on the type of vehicle, driving condition, and your driving style.

It is important to note that brake rotors last quite longer than brake pads.

So, can I replace brake pads and not rotors?

Absolutely yes.

You don’t have to replace the two brake components at the same time.

Chapter 5: The Cost of Brake Pad Replacement

Graphic image of brake pad source PIXABAy

What is the cost of replacing brake pads?

The average cost ranges between $150 and $300 per axle. Keep in mind that this is just the price of brake pads.

While doing the replacement, there could be other parts that need to be serviced.

You may have to pay some money to service them.

You will definitely pay less if you decide to do brake pad replacement yourself: that is if you have the skills.

To find out the exact cost of brake pad replacement, you should consider contacting brake pad manufactures near you.

They will send you quotations giving you the exact amount that you are supposed to pay for the brake pads.

Brake Pads production line from FRONTECH CHINA


From this article, it is clear that the importance of brake pads cannot be underestimated.

They should be monitored with the utmost precision and replaced when the time comes.

When the time has come to do a brake pad replacement, you should buy from reputable and reliable sources.

You will never go wrong when you buy from reliable and reputable brake pads manufacturers in China.

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