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If you need any truck brake pads for your business, you’ve come to the right place!  We are a brake pads manufacturer in China.  Owing to our vast experience in the truck brake pads domain, with the valuable assistance of creative brake team of our professionals, Frontech China engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of auto and truck disc brake pads, truck brake rotors, truck brake shoes. Frontech Brake is one of the best truck brake manufacturers in China.

truck brake pads
China Reliable Truck Brake Pads
China Reliable Truck Brake Pads
China Reliable Truck Brake Pads
China Reliable Truck Brake Pads

China Truck Brake Pads

Frontech Brake is located at the Shandong province, We are professional China Bus Brake Pads maker and Truck Brake Pads Factory, truck brake manufacturers. And Frontech specialized in Bus Brake Pads manufacturing and development of production-oriented enterprises.  The annual production capacity of more than 2 million sets. Frontech Brake has advanced production equipment and complete production line quality testing equipment to ensure product quality, in the TS16949 quality management system, every process through strict inspection, each Truck Brake Pads can withstand the rigorous test. Frontech Brake is strictly implemented TS 16949、ISO14001、OHSMS18001 quality management systems. Major markets in North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and some European countries, in the international brake industry, has won praise customers. Strict selection of high-quality raw materials. All our brake pads are using high-quality raw material from well-known companies and automatic production line, ensure our reliable quality. Packing and delivery of our brake pads. Neutral box, Frontech color box or Customized packaging. Our Service: 1. Stable production ability and perfect after-sale service/tracking system 2. Free sample available, small order accepted to meet our new customers’ need.  3. On-time delivery. 4.  24 hours service. 5. Products can be made based on your samples.

Why Choose Frontech Truck Brake Pads?

  • Features: None noise, None-asbestos, None-dust, Long using life,Reasonable wearing rate.
  • Frontech Truck Brake Pads Surface Finished: Paint, Powder Coat, Electronic Paint.
  • Frontech Brake Guarantee: 50,000 kms.
  • Frotech Quality: E-mark Authentication.
  • Frontech Truck Brake Pads Friction Coefficient: 0.35-0.45μ.
  • High Quality Truck Brake Pads is our Culture.
truck brake pads

Become an Expert When Importing Truck Brake Pads from China

What is truck brake pads? how does truck brake pads work ? what components does truck brake pads include? List all materials of truck brake pads. the Complete Guide.
How To Choose Truck Brake Pads Supplier from China? This guide will tell you many tips on importing truck brake pads from China.
To become a dealer or distributor of Frontech China truck brake pads. and boost your truck brake pads business with Frontech China.
The complete Guide to Truck Brake Pads, this guide tells importers and buyers, to know more about truck brake pads from China.

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The complete Guide: Truck Brake Pads

Brake pads for trucks.  Image source Frontech China

Trucks are large heavy and long. They need brake pads that can withstand their physical attributes. The brake pads should be strong enough to stop a massive loaded truck that is cruising downhill at a high speed. According to statistics , the most common cause of truck accidents is brake failure. Probably the driver underestimated the power of the truck or the brake pads were not able to stop the vehicle.

As much as you maintain other aspects of the truck, do not forget the brake components. Pay attention to the brake pads of the truck and you will be able to stay safe on the road. Heavy commercial trucks require that you use ceramic and metallic brake pads. Apart from offering adequate stopping power, these brake pads don’t wear down faster.

Do you have a compact truck that you sometimes use for commuting? You still need to be keen on the type of brake pad that you should buy. The choice of brake pad can be determined by the size of the truck and the tasks that you usually do. Of course, we cannot forget your driving terrain.

Planning to buy brake pads for a truck? Take your time to go through this guide.

Chapter 1: How Many Brake Pads do Trucks Have?

Any vehicle is designed to have two brake pads on each wheel.

So, how many brake pads are in a truck?

To find out the number of brake pads on a truck is quite simple.

First, find out the number of wheels on your truck.

Does it have four wheels or is it an 18-wheeler truck?

From there, assume that each wheel has two brake pads.

You can then estimate the total number of brake pads on a truck.

This shows that there is no defined number of brake pads on a truck.

Some trucks use disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

And as we know, semi truck drum brakes have semi truck brake shoes instead of drums.

This means that the number of wheels will not be directly linked to the number of brake pads.

Chapter 2: What are the Best Brakes for Trucks?

Truck brake pad Frontech China

When it comes to trucks, you cannot compromise on the issue of brakes.

You should get the best brakes for trucks.

This short video explains why you need to get the best brakes for trucks:

So, what are these attributes that make up the best brakes for trucks?

Here are the top features that make the best brakes for trucks:

  1. Premium material

The best brakes for trucks should be made of high-quality material.

It should either be a ceramic or metallic material.

A good material will be able to withstand heat and friction from the truck.

It will also match with the high performance truck brake calipers.

  1. Excellent braking performance

What is the performance of the truck brake pad?

Choose the truck brake pads that provide excellent and smooth braking power.

The brake pads should provide an extra braking torque which is mainly needed by trucks.

  1. Durable brake pads

Truck brake pad replacement is an expensive procedure.

It is not something that you would like to do often.

Choose truck brake pads that have the potential of serving you for long.

  1. Friction and heat management

Heat and friction are generated during a braking process.

How does the brake pad manage these two issues?

A good brake pad for trucks should be able to dissipate heat efficiently.

It should also provide an effective way of managing friction.

Take these factors into consideration when talking to your truck brake pad suppliers.

The best brake pads for chevy truck will deliver beyond your expectations.

Ensure that the brake pads match the specifications of your truck.

If you have medium duty truck brake parts, then you should get medium duty brake pads for the truck.


Chapter 3: Which is Better: Ceramic or Semi Metallic Brake Pads?

Brake pad image source PIXABAY

Which is the best brake pad for my truck?

Should I buy ceramic brake pads or should I buy the metallic ones?

Ceramic brake pads are made of copper fiber that is laced with pad compound.

Ceramic is mainly used in making high performance brake pads.

The brake pad material of sports cars and heavy duty trucks is made of ceramic.

In fact, ceramic disc brake pads are considered to be the best in the market.

There is even quite a number of ceramic brake shoes and ceramic brake rotors.

On the other hand, metallic brake pads are made of several pieces of metal fiber that is laced with a padding compound.

Although carbon metallic brake pads are quite cheap, they deliver underwhelming performance.

So, which brake pad is better for my truck?

Of course, ceramic disc brake pads carry the day.

Although you will spend more, you will definitely enjoy the performance of this brake pad material.

Chapter 4: Which Brand of Brake Pads is the Best?

Are the plans of buying brake pads for your truck underway?

You definitely need to consider the brake pad brand.

Buy from known and respected brands.

Here are the top 5 brake brands where you should buy the best truck pads.

1.StopTech Brake Pads

StopTech has been very consistent in manufacturing quality brake pads for trucks.

Its sells quite and vibration-free brake pads that can work on any truck.

2.Baer Brake Pads

Baer is another top brand that sales sport-touring brake pads for trucks.

The brake pads from this manufacturer beat the OEM standards.

The company provides a 2-year warranty for its brake pads.

3.Frontech China

Frontech China is a reputable brand that manufacturers and sells an array of brake pads for the truck.

The company has been in the industry for years and provides excellent customer services.

  1. EBC

EBC is a popular name in the automotive world.

The company has several semi truck brake parts that you can buy.

Among its line of products is the heavy duty truck brake parts.

  1. Power Stop Extreme Truck Brake Pads

As the name suggests, Power Stops manufactures brake pads for extreme driving conditions.

It also manufactures heavy duty truck disc brakes.

Choose any of these brands and you will be sure with the quality of the brake pads that you will get.


In conclusion, it is important to take calculated steps when buying brake pads for the truck.

Analyze all the critical features of the truck and compare them with your needs.

You can then compare different truck brake pad manufacturers and see what they have.

Compare the truck brake pad prices from different suppliers and choose the ones that you are comfortable with.

Choose reputable brands that have the potential of selling you the best truck brake pads.

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