Disc Brake Pads

  • No possibility of damage.
  • Perfect for harsh environments like braking.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.
  • Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, and Organic formulas provide safety and reliability for a range of vehicle applications
  • Basic shims, slots, and chamfers help to diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness.
  • Substantial reduction in dust
  • No curing or machining required, ready to be installed right out of the box.

Reference No. of Disc pads for cars 

D974-7875 88992627

Car Application of disc pads for cars 

CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 2500 2003-2014
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 2500 GVW 7.3K 2003-2005
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 2003-2006
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 2008
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 2013
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 GVW 10000 2011-2012
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 GVW 10000 Lbs 2008-2009
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 GVW 8600 2011-2012
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 GVW 8600 Lbs 2009
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 GVW 8600 Lbs  2007
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 SRW 2010
CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 3500 SRW 2014
GMC TRUCK Savana 2500 2003-2013
GMC TRUCK Savana 2500 GVW 7300 Lbs  2003-2005
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 2003-2006
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 2013
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 10000 2011-2012
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 10000 Cargo  2009
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 10000 Lbs  2008
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 10000 Passenger 2009
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 8600 2011-2012
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 8600 Cargo 2009
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 8600 Lbs  2007
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 GVW 8600 Passenger  2009
GMC TRUCK Savana 3500 SRW 2010

How do you know there is something wrong with a Disc Brake Pad?
When the car does not slow down as well as would usually be the case.
When there is a squeaking or grinding noise to be heard when you brake.
When the brake warning light on the car’s dashboard is on.
When the ‘Low Brake Pad’ warning light is on (only some cars have this).
When the brake pedal is in a lower position than usual.
When the car vibrates under braking.
When the car pulls to one side.
When should you consider replacing a Brake Pad?
The pads will wear depending on your driving style and the environment where you drive (in the city or in the countryside). If the brake pads have worn out prematurely or if you are experiencing trouble under braking, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert to investigate the problem and, if necessary, replace the pads as soon as possible.
Driving with brakes that do not function properly can, of course, lead to dangerous situations on the road. You should always replace either both the front pads, both the rear pads or all the pads together to ensure balanced brakes.
Importantly, servicing the brake pads is key to ensure that the brake system works correctly and effectively. Always service the brake pads according to the guidelines set out by your car’s manufacturer.
What happens during a Brake Pad replacement?
inspect the brake system.
establish how many brake pads need to be replaced.
If necessary, will replace the brake pads.
inspect the brake system and, if deemed safe, will test drive the car.
If necessary, the mechanic will make any adjustments to optimise braking.

Technical data of disc brake for cars 

Front or Rear Axle Rear Axle
Width 172.6 mm
Height 59.6 mm
Thickness 20.1 mm

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/7Q3cxg52mlc” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

MOQ: 50sets each items, 2000 sets for one order.

Package: Plastic bag + FRONTECH Color Box or Customer Brand Box + Carton box + Pallet+Container
4 pcs=1 set
10 sets=1 Carton
50 cartons= 1 Pallet
20 pallets= 1*20’GP

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Samples policy: One or two sets with no charge

How do you Check Brake Pads After Changing the Pads

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How do you Check Brake Pads After Changing the Pads

Checking brake pad image source PIXABAY

As a car owner, you should make it a routine to check the brake pads after changing the pads.

Doing this will help you know the actual status of the brake pads.

If they are in a bad condition, you will need to do a brake pads replacement.

You will even have an opportunity to look for money that will cater for the brake pad replacement price.

Do I need to take my car to the brake specialist so that the brake pads can be checked?

Absolutely no. You can check the brake pads by yourself.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most effective methods for checking brake pads.

Checking Brake Pads Without Removing Wheels

There are several reasons why most of us don’t check the brake pads ourselves.

One of them is we tend to assume that the task is cumbersome and requires some levels of expertise.

Probably you are trying to avoid the task of removing the wheels from the vehicle.

Well, there’s good news: You can check the brake pads without removing the wheels.

How can I do so?

The process is easy and straightforward.

Simply look through the holes of the wheels and locate the position of the brake pads.

You will be able to have a clear view of the pads.

Is it still thick or is it completely worn? If only less than 25% of the brake pad material is remaining, consider doing an immediate brake pad replacement.

The picture below gives a better comparison between thin vs thick brake pad

Image old vs new brake pads source  PIXABAY

Using a drinking straw to check the brake pads

This is another method that you can use to check the brake pads without necessarily having to remove the wheels.

It also does not require you to deploy special skills in order to see the state of the brake pads.

In this method, the first step that you should take is looking between the spokes to locate the exact position of the brake rotor.

Next, to the rotor, you will be able to see caliper. The rubber lining inside the caliper is what we call the brake pad.

Try to push your straw in the space between caliper and rotor. Continue pushing until the straw won’t be able to move anymore.

Mark the points at which the straw and the brake pad meet then measure it on a vernier caliper.

The readings will give you an approximate thickness of the brake pad.

Removing Wheels to Check Brake Pads

Checking brake pads source PIXABAY

Do you want to have a better look at your brake pads? Consider removing the wheels.

By removing the wheels, you will be able to see every detail of the brake pads, including the parts that had been obscured.

You will see how far each brake pad has warped and determine whether you need to replace it immediately.

As expected, you should start by jacking your car up so that you can easily remove the wheels.

Locate the brake pads and analyze them deeply. Take the measurements of both the internal and external brake pads.

Take your time check the front edges of the brake pads as they tend to wear faster than other parts of the brake pads

If you notice that the brake pads are worn out, buy brake pads online and install them.

Tips for Checking Brake Pads

While checking the brake pads, you would like everything to happen smoothly and correctly.

You should not encounter any form of accident and you should also be able to get accurate information about the brake pads.

Here are some of the useful tips that you should remember when checking the brake pads.

-Ensure that the brakes are cool

Do not check the brake pads immediately after stopping the vehicle.

Instead, wait for some minutes until the brakes are cool before you proceed to check the brake pads.

One hour is enough for the brakes to completely cool after a long driving session.

The main reason for waiting is hot breaks can easily burn your fingers.

-Check the brake fluids

After checking the brake pads, you can proceed to check the brake fluid.

It also deserves some attention just like the brake pads. You may need to replace it after some times.

However, you should only replace the brake fluid if you are sure about what to do.

-Better to replace than to postpone

You have just checked the brake pads but you are not 100% sure about their status. What should you do?

If you are not sure about the state of the brake pads, you should consider doing a brake pad replacement.

Just buy new brake pads and install them in the place of the old pads.

You will be much safer if you do a replacement than postpone the exercise until a future date.

Brake Pad Manufacturer


After checking the brake pads, what next?

If the brake pads are in good condition, you will continue using them until they are out of shape.

If they are completely worn out, you will have to do a brake pad replacement.

One of the things that you need to consider during the brake pad replacement is the price of new brake pads.

You may even go to the extent of looking for the cheapest place to buy brake pads and rotors.

This is why it is always critical to choose a reliable brake pad manufacturer in China

From there, it will be much easier to know the exact brake pad replacement price.

Conclusion of Disc Pads for Cars

I hope that with this information, you can now check the brake pads.

There are several amazing benefits that you stand to enjoy when you check the brake pads yourself instead of employing a specialist to do the job.

One obvious benefit is you will cut down on the cost checking the brake pads.

This will go a long way in reducing the cost of brake pad replacement.

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