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Brake pads for heavy commercial and trucks are designed for heavy-duty usage. The can sustain the massive weight of these vehicles. They are also designed to deal with different driving terrains. Once your stock brake pads are worn out, you may have to buy the aftermarket HCV heavy commercial vehicles brake pads.

Let’s say that you have a fleet of trucks, buses and other heavy commercial vehicles on the road.

In order to stay on the business, you will have to do brake pad replacement for your HCVs.

Although it may appear to be similar to the replacement of ordinary cars, there are quite a number of issues that you need to take care of.

Among them is the type of brake pads to use.

In this article, I am going to give you the best tips for choosing brake pads for heavy commercial vehicles.

Chapter 1: Aftermarket  vs OEM Heavy Commercial Vehicles Brake Pads

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Time has come to do brake pad replacement on your fleet of heavy commercial vehicles.

However, you are torn between aftermarket brake pads and manufacturer brake pads.

Which one should you buy?

First things first, what are the aftermarket brake pads?

These are brake pads that are not sourced from the manufacturer of the vehicles.

Instead, other brake pad manufacturers have taken upon themselves to design and manufacture brake pads that are similar to the ones that came from the car’s manufacturer.

They are compatible with your truck and can do the same job as the OEM brake pads.

Don’t be surprised to find out that quite a good percentage of the aftermarket brake pads deliver the best results than the OEM brake pads.

However, you need to be extra vigilant as this is always not the case.

There are aftermarket brake pads that can underperform.

The trick is to get reliable aftermarket brake pad manufacturers who are known for selling quality brake pads.

Chapter 2: Advantages of Aftermarket Brake Pads for HCV

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Are aftermarket brake pads for heavy commercial vehicles good?

Yes, you can get the best out of the aftermarket brake pads.

Here are the main advantages of buying aftermarket HCV brake pads and heavy commercial truck brake shoes

1.Cheap Brake Pads

When it comes to the price of HCV brake pads, aftermarket brake pads are cheaper than the OEM brake pads.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why many people go for the aftermarket products.

You will save quite a lot of money when you buy the aftermarket brake pads than when you buy the factory brake pads for heavy truck brakes.

The same applies to the heavy truck brake shoes.

2.Quality aftermarket brake pads for trucks

Most aftermarket brake pad manufacturers are keen on protecting their brands.

One way of guarding their name is by manufacturing quality brake pads and heavy-duty truck brake drums.

Aftermarket brake pads can be several times better than the OEM brake pads yet you paid a lower price tag for them.

This is possible because most aftermarket brake pad manufacturers focus on improving the weaknesses of the OEM brake pads.

As they do so, they look for ways of minimizing the cost of the product.

3.A wide range of aftermarket brake pads for trucks

Another advantage of buying aftermarket brake pads for trucks is you are exposed to a wide variety of truck brake parts.

This is unlike the OEM truck brake parts which tie you to only one particular group of products.

With a wide range of products at your disposal, you are free to choose one.

4.Easily available truck brake pads and truck brake shoes

Let’s face it, buying OEM truck parts can be a cumbersome and tedious process.

This is because most original manufacturers are not well distributed across the world like the aftermarket manufacturers.

In short, OEM manufacturers of semi truck brake shoes are simply inaccessible.

This is different from the aftermarket brake pad manufacturers.

You can easily contact the manufactures of OEM brake parts and instruct them to manufacture custom brake pads for your heavy commercial vehicles.

Also, there is a wide network of suppliers who deal in heavy duty brake parts.

Chapter 3: Which is the Best Brake Pad for HVC? Ceramic vs Semi Metallic Brake Pads

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It is obvious that you would like to buy the best brake pads for your heavy duty truck.

The two common types of brake pads for trucks are ceramic and semi metallic brake pads.

Although both can do, the job, they differ in terms of properties.

So, which of the two brake pads is ideal for the heavy-duty trucks?

To find out, we need to look at the pros and cons of the two types of brake pads:

Pros of ceramic brake pads for HCV

-They produce minimum dust when in operation

-They are quieter than the semi metallic brake pads

-Quite durable than their ceramic brake pads.

-They take less time to get warmed up on the brake rotor

Cons of ceramic brake pads for trucks

-The brake pads are quite expensive

-They tend to be badly affected by heat.

Pros of  semi metallic brake pads for trucks

-They are relatively cheaper than the ceramic brake pads

-Semi metallic brake pads for trucks can operate under any weather conditions.

-Quite durable although not as durable as the ceramic brake pads.

Cons of semi metallic brake pads for trucks

-Shorter lifespan than the ceramic brake pads

-Noisier than ceramic brake pads

-Generate more dust than the ceramic brake pads.

So between ceramic vs semi metallic brake pads, which one is ideal for heavy truck brakes.

From this analysis, you will be better off with semi metallic brake pads.

This is because ceramic brake pads are easily affected by high heat and extreme weight.

On the other hand, semi metallic brake pads have a better heat management mechanism.


In conclusion, it is important that you choose the right aftermarket brake pads for your heavy commercial vehicles.

Once you decide on the type of brake pad lining that you are buying, start looking for reliable brake pad manufacturers.

Compare what they are offering the choose the one that is likely to meet your needs.

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