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When buying brake rotors and brake pads, there are many things that you will consider.Among them is the brand. Yes, you would like to choose the best brand to work with. After all, everyone wants to be associated with the best brands. Buying from the best brake pad and rotor manufacturers is the surest way of getting high quality products.

Big brands are also known for selling brake pads at very reasonable prices. So, which are these brands that I should buy? The following are the most respected brake pads brands that you should buy from.

Chapter 1: Best Brake Pad and Rotor Brand


2.EBC Brakes



5.TRW Inc





10.ATE Brakes



13.AC Delco



16.Honda Motor Company

17.REMSA of America Inc


19.Power Stop

20.Hawk Performance


Chapter 2: About Frontech China

Disc brake pads


Frontech China is among the leading brake pads brand in the world.

To be precise it is ranked among the top ten brake pads brand in terms of manufacturing and selling quality brake pads.

The company has cemented its position in manufacturing aftermarket brake pads for different vehicles.

With the years that the company has been in existence, it has managed to compete favorably with the top brake rotor brands.

Apart from manufacturing top performance brake pads, Frontech China also manufactures the best brake shoes.

What if am not sure of the right brake pads for my car model?

Don’t worry. The company supplies universal brake pads that can fit into any vehicle.

What about the price of brake pads?

It is quite interesting that Frontech China sells quality brake pads at reasonable prices.


Chapter 3: Car Application


When buying brake pads, there are many things that you need to be careful with.

One of them is whether the brake pads will be compatible with your vehicle.

This is because the brake system of most cars is only designed to work with specific brake pads.

Of the following brake pads, which one do you need?

-Toyota brake pads

-Suzuki brake pads

-Honda brake pads

-Honda Civic brake pads

-Audi brake pads

-Honda Accord brake pads

-BMW brake pads

-Mini Cooper brake pads

-Honda CRV brake pads

-Mazda 3 brake pads

-Jeep brake pads

-Jeep brake pads

-Mercedes brake pads

-Audi A4 brake pads

-Mazda brake pads

-Subaru brake pads

-VW brake pads

-Volvo brake pads

As you can see, there are different brake pads for different model cars.

When buying brake pads online, it is vital that you state the specifications of your model car.


Chapter 4: Auto Brake System Parts


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Auto performance brake systems consist of different parts.

These parts  are:

-Brake pedal

-Master cylinder

-Brake lines

-Brake pads

All these parts coordinate with each other to deliver the desired results.

For instance, performance friction brake pads and performance disk brakes produce friction force on the axle of the wheel.


Chapter 5: How is FRONTECH Brakes?

You have decided to choose Frontech brakes as your brake pads supplier.

What should you expect from this company?

First of all, expect that you will find all the assortments of brake pads from the company.

The company manufactures and supplies ceramic disc brake, ceramic brake shoes, metallic brake pads, carbon metallic brake pads, ceramic brake shoes, ceramic front brake pads among others.

Frontech has a tradition of using quality brake pad material.

In addition to the products, the brake pad manufacturer provides excellent customer services.



Getting cheap and reliable brake pads manufacturer that you can trust is not a walk in the park.

You need to take your time to carefully scrutinize a company and analyze everything that it has to offer.

Are the brake pads from the brand durable?

What of their customer services?

These are just among the many questions that you may ask when trying to know a brake pad manufacturer.

At the end of the day, it is your wish to buy from a brand that will make you happy and fully satisfied.


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