You have a truck and you want to do a brake pad and shoes replacement. What are the best brake pads and shoes for a truck? This is a question that most truck owners ask. It is quite obvious that you cannot install just any brake pad and shoes on the truck. You need to get one that will perform perfectly on your vehicle. In this article, we are going to look at the things that you should know when buying the best brake pads and shoes for your truck.

Choosing the brake pads and shoes for a truck is not a simple task.

Bearing in mind the core features of a typical truck, there are lots of things that you need to consider.

First of all, a truck is categorized as a heavy duty vehicle.

This means that among the many issues that you need to consider are the weight and the stopping power of the vehicle.

You also need to consider the type of brake pad and shoes for your truck.

Which type of brake pads and shoes should I buy?

Another thing that you should consider is the price.

What is the price of brake pads and shoes for trucks?

Let us teach you how to choose the right brake pads and shoes for your truck.


Chapter 1: Is there a Difference Between Brake Pads and Shoes?

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Chances are you are torn between brake pads vs brake shoes.

Which one should you buy for your truck?

Although you were initially planning to buy brake pads, you are slowly deviating towards brake shoes.

For some reasons, you think brake shoes are better.

To make things simpler, it will be wise to find out the differences between brake pads and brake shoes.

Here are the key differences:



This is the main difference between brake pads and brake shoes.

They have different positions in a vehicle.

Brake shoes are designed to fit inside the drum-style brakes.

On the other hand, a brake pad is placed on top of the disc brakes.



Brake shoes are preferred because they provide more friction than the brake pads.

While brake pads also exert some friction, it is not as much as that of the brake shoes.


-Wear and Tear

Brake pads undergo more wear and tear when braking as compared to the brake shoes.

Although the brake shoes also wear, they give signs of the process.

The shoes are also designed to handle the wear and tear effects efficiently.



Between brake pads and brake shoes, which one is efficient?

Given that brake shoes handle friction well, they are definitely regarded as more efficient.

The material for brake shoes is kind of hard hence not likely to be affected by friction.

On the other hand, brake pads are not the best when it comes to handling friction.

This makes them less efficient as compared to brake shoes.


-Compatibility with brakes

When buying brake pads or brake shoes, you need to know your car.

What kind of drive is it?

If your car is a front wheel drive, you will have to buy brake pads.

You will also have to buy brake pads if your car has disc brakes.

On the other hand, brake shoes are compatible with drum brakes.


Chapter 2: What is the Function of the Brake Shoe

A brake shoe is the heart of a brake drum system.

Its function is to slow down or stop the vehicle that is in motion.

Of course, it is able to achieve this task with the help of other key components of a drum brake system.

A brake shoe is made of brake lining which is also referred to as the friction material.

The role of a brake shoe is to exert friction force on the surface of the brake drum.

The brake lining of a brake shoe is capable of sustaining powerful or hard brake.

As it does so, it reduces the speed at which the wheel is rotating hence slowing down the car.


Chapter 3: How Does a Brake Shoe Work?

Now that you have known the core function of a brake shoe, it is time to learn how it really works.

What mechanisms does it use to stop the car or reduce the speed of a moving vehicle?

When you press the brake pedal as you drive, the brake fluid will flow into the wheel cylinder.

This flow will cause the wheel cylinder to expand.

As the cylinder expands, it will press the brake shoe outwards against the wall of the rotating brake drum.

This will result in a friction force between the brake shoe and the brake drum.

If the friction is strong enough, it will reduce or even stop the rotation of the wheels.

Once you stop pressing the brake pedal, everything will resume to their original position.

This simply means that the brake shoe will entangle itself from the inner wall of the brake drum.

Are Brake Shoes the Same as Brake Pads

From the brake shoe working mechanism, you can easily confuse the differences between the shoe and the brake pad.

Although the two have the same working principle, they are completely different devices.

The main difference is a brake shoe is used on the drum brake system while a brake pad is used on the disc brake system.

Meanwhile, here is a demonstration of how the brake shoe works


Chapter 5: How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Shoes

While planning to buy brake shoes online, there is one thing that you cannot ignore.

That is the cost of brake shoes.

How much are the brake shoes?

Generally, the cost of brake shoes replacement ranges between $150  to $300.

This does not include the cost of labor that you will need to do the replacement.

If you are planning to replace the shoes yourself, then the cost of labor won’t count.

Also, the cost can vary depending on where you are buying the brake shoes.

Some brake shoe suppliers sell theirs at a higher price than what other suppliers are charging.

So, it is important to compare the prices from different brake shoes manufacturers.



So, are you planning to buy the best brake shoes?

Don’t settle for less.

It is very possible to find the brake pads or brake shoes that will work on your truck.

All you need is to exercise some due diligence.

Once you know the exact brake pads or shoes that you want, redirect your energy towards brake shoes manufacturers.

Ensure that you choose reputable brake shoes suppliers.



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