2021 is a year to ensure that your car is in perfect shape all the time. One of the maintenance practices that you must do on the vehicle is brake pad replacement.

Since the brake pads are among the car parts that tend to wear out over time, you should always remember to replace them so that your vehicle meets the highest safety standards.

With the ever-evolving braking technology and a wide array of brake pads in the market, you will definitely be spoilt for choices.

With many options available, you may easily end up getting confused. To help you make the right decision, here is a comprehensive guide for choosing brake pads in 2021.

Decide between organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic brake materials

This is the first thing that you should consider when planning to buy brake pads in 2021.

The friction materials will dictate the behavior and performance of the brake pad.

Since each material has unique properties, let’s have a brief look at what they entail.

Organic brake pads: The friction material is made of the organic matter. This material is soft and will not cause any physical damage to other brake components such as brake rotor.
The soft nature of the organic brake pad makes it unsuitable for extreme braking force. It is not an ideal brake pad for mountainous terrain or heavy commercial vehicles.

Semi-metallic brake pad: This brake pad is made of composite materials that have been mixed with metal to make it hard.
It is an ideal brake pad material for your daily commuter vehicle.

Ceramic brake pad: This material is suitable for situations where you are in need of high braking performance. Such cars include sports vehicles, SUVs, and vehicles that are hauling trailers.
Although ceramic brake pads are more expensive than the other two, they can withstand high heat, pressure, low temperatures, and still deliver exceptional braking performance.

Know your vehicle

Brake pads are not a universal product. Each brake pad is designed for a specific vehicle.

We have seen that the brake pad friction materials deliver different performance when installed on different cars.

The brake pad for a commuter car won’t be suitable for a sports car. Similarly, the brake pads for a truck may not be suitable for your daily commuter car.

In addition to the types of vehicles, you should also consider the model of the vehicle.

This is vital since car manufacturers have different specifications when it comes to the type of brake pads.

For example, the brake pads for a BMW may not be suitable for the Mercedes Benz. Or, the brake pads for a Toyota may not be suitable for an Isuzu or any other car model.

You should go beyond the car names and check out the specific models of the vehicle.

By this, we mean that if you are buying brake pads for a Mercedes, specify whether it is a C200 or C220. If it is for a Toyota, specify whether it is for a Caldina or Fielder.

It is only by being specific that you will get the most accurate brake pads for your vehicle.

Consider your driving requirements/conditions

One of the mistakes that you might have been making is buying brake pads without considering your driving conditions.

Strive to make a change in 2021 by looking at the conditions before you go ahead to buy the brake

As we have seen, the brake pad materials perform differently depending on the driving conditions.

Some of the driving conditions that you should look into include:

-The terrain in your area. Is it mountainous, or is it flat?
-State of the road. Are the roads tarmacked or will you be doing offroad driving
-Environment in the area. You should gauge whether it is too cold or too hot
-Traffic patterns in the area. Is the area prone to traffic jams?

Once you put the above factors into consideration, you will be able to choose the right brake pads that will be suitable for your vehicle

The Cost of Brake Pads in 2021

The issue of the price will always come up when you buy brake pads in 2021.

It is automatic that you would like to know the brake pad prices in China. Can I get cheap brake pads in China?

Also here, the cost of brake pads is not fixed or universal. In most cases, you will get what you pay for.

If the brake pad is made of premium friction material such as ceramic, you will end up paying a higher price than for organic material.

The surest way of confirming the brake pad cost is by contacting brake pad manufacturers.
They will be in a position to send you an updated list of the brake pads with their prices.

Why Buy the Best Brake Pads Brand 2021?

Should I just buy any brake pad that is available in the market? If you are someone who is keen on the details, you should focus on buying the best brake pad brands.

With the many brake pad brands in the market, not all of them are genuine or produce the best brake pads for sale.

Given the important role that brake pads play in a vehicle, you should not compromise on the issue of safety.

By this, we mean that low-quality brake pads may not deliver excellent braking performance.

Another reason for choosing the best brake pad brands in 2021 is durability. Reputable brake pad brands sell brake pads whose friction materials are durable.

The best brake pads are also manufactured in compliance with international standards and regulations.

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