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Among the numerous car repair services, brake pads replacement tops the list. It is one of those things that can keep you safe on the road. Brake pads determine the overall performance of a car’s braking system. This is why you should always take it seriously. What does brake pads replacement entail? What is the cost of brake pads replacement?  In this guide, we are going to look at everything that you should know about brake pads replacement.

As a car owner, you always know that there always comes a time for you to do brake pads replacement.

Sounds like simple service, right?

Although it may look simple, it has a big role in keeping you safe on the roads.

Imagine driving a car that has worn-out brake pads.

The braking power of the vehicle will be badly affected.

The car may fail to stop even when you are applying the brakes.

Obviously, you don’t want to imagine the results when you find yourself in such a situation.

Rather than waiting for things to get worse, why don’t you replace the brake pads as soon as possible?


How Often Should I Replace Brake Pads?

This question is basically about the brake pads replacement mileage.

You need to know how long the brake pads last.

Basically, brake pads and rotors wear with time.

This usually happens regardless of the type of car that you are driving.

Or, the type of brake pads.

There is no fixed time frame for replacing your brake pads

Instead, the brake pads replacement mileage depends on various factors.

Some of these factors include:

1.Your  driving habits

How hard do you push the brakes of your car?

If you push them hard, you will have to do the replacement more often.

If you are used to braking smoothly, your brake pads will last for long.

2.Type of brake pads

There are different types of brake pads.

These are:

-Ceramic brake pads

-Organic brake pads

-Semi-metallic brake pads

-Low-metallic brake pads

Each type is made up of different brake pad compounds.

Some compounds are soft while others are hard.

Soft compounds wear out fast especially when exposed to high temperatures or when you brake hard.

On the other hand, hard compounds can serve you for long.

3.The nature of the traffic

What is the nature of the traffic where you usually drive?

Do you usually drive around cities?

Driving in a city means that you are likely to deal with many traffic obstacles.

They include traffic jam and even traffic lights.

You will be forced to step on the brake more frequently than when driving on highways.

Also, the terrain and nature of the road matters.

Do you usually drive on steep roads or mountainous regions?

Your brake pads are likely to wear down faster due to constant braking.

Regardless of the above factors, always ensure that you inspect your brake pads periodically.

But, how often should I inspect them?

It is advisable to inspect them after every 5000 miles.

What about the brake pads replacement period.

The average replacement period for brake pads is between 50,000 and 70,000 miles.

However, you can always refer to your brake pad manufacturer’s guidelines.


Signs it is Time to Replace Your Brake Pads图片1-5.png
New brake pads Image source Pixabay

You have been using your brake pads for quite a while.

Your instincts tell you that it is time to replace them.

However, you are not sure whether to do so or not.

After all, the brake system is operating as usual.

Do not assume anything.

Here are signs that it is time to replace your brake pads.

1.Grinding metallic sound

Do you occasionally hear a deep grinding metal sound every time you hit the brakes?

This is an indicator that you should do something on your brake pads.

Most brake pads have metal ridges which are placed right at the bottom of the pads.

When the pads are worn out, the metal ridges will be fully exposed.

They will produce a  deep grinding noise to alert drivers that they need to replace the brake pads.

Ignoring the deep sound means that the metal ridges will continue grinding other metallic areas of the tire.

This will end up causing more damages on your tires.

You will have to deal with more repairs.

2.Squealing and Squeaking Sounds

This is the most common sign of brake pads that are completely worn out.

They are likely to produce squeaking and squealing sounds every time that you hit the brakes.

However, do not be so quick to judge.

The squeaking noise can also be as a result of other factors such as the weather conditions.

If the sound persists, know that the problem is more than just the weather.

You need to get down and do some brake pads replacement.

3. The indicator turns on

In the latest models of cars, you don’t have to keep speculating.

Your car has sensors that will alert you every time the brake pads get worn out.

These sensors are right on the brake pads and will turn on to inform you that you need to do a replacement.

It is at this point that you should contact a reliable brake pads manufacturer.

4. The brakes vibrate

Does your brake pedal vibrate whenever you step on it?

This is a sign that you need to replace your brake pads.

Apart from the vibrations, the pedals may feel unsteady whenever you press on them.

Do not assume that this is just a normal condition.

Apart from causing further damage to your car, you will be at high risk of getting involved in an accident.

5. The brake pad is thinner than usual

Sometimes you don’t have to go through complex procedures to know that your vehicle needs a brake pads replacement.

You simply need to use your eyes.

Do you spot a big difference in the thickness of the brake pads?

You need to replace it if it is less than 25% thick.

Checking the thickness of the brake pads do not require professional help.

You just need to look the brake pads through the spokes of the wheels.

You will see the pad on the rotor of the car’s tire.


Brake Pad Replacement Cost

What is the price of brake pad replacement near me?

First, you need to consider the price of buying brake pads.

The price varies depending on the type of brake pads that you are buying.

Also, different brake pads manufacturers sell at different prices.

Are you a professional on the matters pertaining to the brake pads?

If not, you should consider the cost of brake pads replacement service.


Buy from the Best Manufacturers

Once you have decided to do a brake pad replacement, you should focus on the sellers.

In most cases, you are likely to look for manufacturers and suppliers.

Try as much as possible to buy from the best brake pads manufacturers and suppliers.

You will end up with high-quality brake pads that will last for long.



In conclusion, the tips above can come in handy in helping you to do brake pads replacements.

Where you are not sure, contact reputable brake pads manufacturers for help.