This comprehensive BMW brake pads buying guide and description article offers the best brake pads for almost every driving situation, both for the streets and track.

BMW brake pads manufacturers design their products in a way that provides reliable braking solutions without noise or dust for streets or roads.

On the other hand, BMW brake pads for the track must offer excellent stopping power on top of the other features. Choosing the best brake pads for BMW is mostly determined by the type of driving and model of the car.

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The best OEM brake pads for BMW

Using brake pads that are not ideal for specific driving conditions may be potentially dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

So, here are some of our best collections of brake pads for BMW for suppliers and retailers.
1.BMW Genuine Original Rear Brake Pads

These exceptional sets of brake pads for BMW offer grander driving experience and the best stopping power. Their quality ensures that the engine and brake pads are seamlessly connected for optimal performance.

The genuine rear brake pads offer heat resistance owing to its excellent design and heat dissipation mechanisms.

The brake pads provide quality noise reduction with easy to install features. The transition and overall performance are quite impressive too.

Additional features include a wide range of applications, superior engineering and design, resistant to rust and corrosion, and practical compatibility. These brake pads come with quality output for BMW Z3, Z4, E36, and E46 models.

2.BMW OEM Front Brake Pads from Textars

These brake pads for BMW offer a wide range of applicability to various BMW models. The product also provides quality braking performance and stopping power.

Some notable features of these Textars brake pads for BMW are much designed for noise-free driving, superb compatibility with BMW cars, trucks, and SUVs, quality brake performance, and easy installation.

Additionally, Textars brake pads for BMW are rust and corrosion free and offer reduced dust creation as well.

You may want to check the different models of BMW cars that are supported by these brake pads.

3.Powersport Fit brake pads for BMW

Powersport is a reputable BMW brake pads manufacturer and supplier. Powersport brake pads for BMW are designed for different applicability in various BMW car models.

Some of the supported BMW cars include the 3 series such as BMW 335i, BMW 335d, and BMW 335xi, among others. The brake pads come in different types, such as ceramic, metallic, and semi-metallic brake pads for BMW.

The superior quality BMW brake pads from Powersport are also versatile and come with brake rotors as well. In most cases, a set will include four rotors and eight brake pads.

The combination is carefully designed to offer better heat dissipation, reduced braking distance, resistance to both rust and heat, and an excellent warranty on the product.

Powerpoint brake pads are modeled with the Silver with zing style to enhance the prevention of rust and corrosion.

4.Akebono brake pads for BMW

Akebono is another leading manufacturer of BMW brake pads. The 34-11-6-761-793 brake pads are one of the best models for BMW cars.

These brake pads are relatively affordable and come with some excellent features, including better heat dissipation, reduced noise and dust, durability, and exceptional braking performance due to its superior stopping power.

The Akebono 34-11-6-761-793 brake pads for BMW are compatible with 2008 BMW 750Li, 2008 BMW 750i, 2008 BMW 760Li, 2008 BMW Alpina B7, and 2007 BMW Alpina B7.

5.BMW E82 135i Front Brake Pads from Brembo

Brembo genuinely designs these OEM BMW brake pads for the E82 135i and the E9X 3- Series. They also come with high-performance calipers and original specifications as the same components that were installed on the BMW car in the factory.

These brake pads come with a two-year warranty and other excellent features like reduced noise and level of brake dust, excellent heat absorption, and powerful braking.

A majority of BMW 1 Series are compatible with these Brembo brake pads for BMW. The most notable models are BMW E82 and E88 135i models from 2008 to 2013 and the BMW E82 and E88 135is models (2008 – 2013).

6.BMW X3 Front or Rear Brake Pads By Bosch

Stopping power is the most sort-after quality in a brake pad. Bosch BMW brake pads are specifically designed with this feature in mind, both for performance and reliability.

The performance of the braking system enhances the general performance of the car, and that is why Bosch is a prime consideration for BMW brake pads supliers and exporters.

The most notable and highly demanded Bosch brake pads for BMW are 34113404362 (front brake pads) and 34213403241 (rear brake pads) models for BMW X3 and its equivalents.

Bosch 34113404362 and 34213403241 brake pads are designed with the latest engineering technology for flair and sophistication.

They offer noise-free and dust-free operation. The brand is also made with less copper, which is considerably replaced by rubber.

The brake pads have a protective layer to prevent corrosion and rust, excellent quality fits, incredible stopping power, and enhanced overall performance.

The rubber component means they are organic and, therefore softer on the brake rotors and quieter during braking.

7.EBC Brakes Ceramic Low Dust Brake Pad

The 2006 BMW 750i brake pads can be easily replaced using these EBC OEM brake pads for BMW.

The performance and versatility of these brake pads are immensely enhanced, and they offer the same quality as the primary components that were fitted in the car from the industry.

The precision in engineering these pads allows the excellent stopping power and other exceptional features.

The ceramic brake pads are excellent in their ease of convenience, reduced braking distance, and communication between the brake pads and the engine. The engineering of these EBC brake pads for BMW allows for smooth driving and quality braking performance at the same time.

Among the features of these brake pads are improved ceramic design, heat dissipation and reduction, noise-free and less dust creation, and quality brake performance.
Additionally, the brake pads are engineered to offer many options regarding heat reduction.

Convenience and reliability are combined in these OEM BMW brake pads in a way that promotes quality and ease of use. Lastly, the brake pads are set with excellent braking pressure.

8.Bosch BP1267 Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pad Set for BMW

Bosch brake pads for BMW combine reliability with durability that makes them excellent replacements for the compatible models of BMW cars.

The BP1267 Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are specifically designed for the BMW 1 series, such as BMW 128i and BMW 323i.

The brake pads come with shims that reduce noise and offer excellent stopping power.

Superior performance in terms of heat dissipation and reduction is among the exceptional features of Bosch BP1267 Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads for BMW.

Other striking features of these incredible brake pads include:

A protective layer that prevents the effect of corrosion and rust on the brake pads
Reduced braking distance coupled with excellent stopping power
Reduced copper in the manufacturer of the brake pads
Use of quality rubber for softness and noise-free application
The versatility that encompasses a wide range of BMW vehicles
Excellent initial bite on the brake rotors.

OEM brake pads for BMW come in different types, prices, and styles.

It requires buyers to determine the best parts for their BMW models and evaluate the compatibility of each brake pad.

The listed brake pads are some of the best OEM brake pads for BMW manufacturers.

Other models are also guaranteed with the same or better specifications that make them equally reliable and best fit for BMW braking requirements. Additionally, you can also get a wide variety of BMW brake pads from china and other suppliers at our shops.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best BMW Brake Pads

Ask anyone about the best BMW brake pads manufacturers and suppliers, and you will get varied answers. That is quite simple.

Many buyers have different views on why and how they purchase. Accordingly, different BMW models require specific features in brake pads to get the most out of it. Here are some features that customers mostly look at when deciding to buy.

Model of the vehicle: BMW brake pads come in different specifications that are meant for specific models of BMW cars, SUVs, etc. in other words, 2012 and 2019, BMW models will require separate brake pads.

Some may fit, while some may not. The essential thing is to determine which BMW brake pads are compatible with which models.

The material makeup: As manufacturers of genuine BMW brake pads, we stock different types of brake pads that are ideal for every BMW vehicle.

We have organic, ceramic, semi-metallic, and metallic brake pads. Customers will buy according to their preferences and the specs of their BMW cars.

For instance, ceramic and organic brake pads are suitable for regular driving, while metallic brake pads are ideal for heavy braking.

Ease of installation: Our genuine BMW brake pads are specifically designed to fit well and give users an easy time replacing BMW brake pads. The ease of installation is further enhanced by the availability of full sets and components needed to change BMW brake pads and rotors.

Durability: BMW brake pads are specifically designed to offer long-lasting solutions to braking problems. The materials used to make the brake pads hugely impact the durability and reliability of the brake pads.

Price: Not all excellent BMW brake pads are costly. The ranges of these brake pads vary, and some come at discounted prices. Unless you are not sure of what you want, the BMW brake pads price should not be a cause of worry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Best BMW Brake Pads

1. When is the right time to replace BMW brake pads?

Signs that you need BMW brake pads replacements are noise when braking, having jittery braking, when the braking is no longer at optimal performance, and when the indicator goes off.

2. How many BMW brake pad sets do you needed for one replacement?

The number of brake pads needed depends on the extent of damage and the need of the user.

A set often comes with two brake pads. That means if a customer is looking for replacing BMW rear brake pads only, then one set is enough.

3. How long do BMW brake pads last?

Every brake pad comes with a different feature for durability. Therefore, there is no fixed period for BMW brake pads. However, the best brakes pads for BMW should go for up to 50,000 miles.

4. Is it a must to change both BMW front and rear brake pads at the same time?

The rear and front brake pads for BMW vehicles wear down at different rates, which means they do not have to be replaced at the same time. However, it is advisable to change them together for optimum performance.

5. Do I need to change the BMW brake rotors as well?

Replacing BMW brake pads and rotors should be done regularly. That does not mean changing them at the same time, but taking the time to change the components that wear down first.

6. How much are BMW brake pads?

All BMW brake pads come with different price tags. Some brake pads for BMW are more affordable, while some tend to be more expensive. It is upon a buyer to compare the available products and figure out if the cost of BMW brake pads fits their budget.

The bottom line

This comprehensive buying guide has taken a look at the most high-quality and excellent brake pads for BMW suppliers and manufacturers.

The objective was to give an insight into some of the best OEM BMW brake pads and other great deals from various BMW brake pads factories.

Furthermore, these brake pads offer great support to quality output and performance, among other marvelous features like noise reduction, excellent stopping power, and superior overall performance.

All the brake pads mentioned in this article have exceptional compatibility with different BMW models and offer reliable solutions to braking problems.

Our extensive range of brake pads for BMW cars provides extended options to BMW brake pads suppliers, wholesalers, and individual buyers with an eye for quality, durability, and reliability.