When you decide to buy any new part for your vehicle, you always have two choices to make.

The first choice is to purchase genuine parts, also known as the original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM), or you can go for the aftermarket components that are made by third-party manufacturers.

Your Honda is supposed to be most cable and reliable vehicle that should be given the best Honda replacement parts. These parts are not only consistent in quality but also come with maximum reliability.

So, when it comes to replacing Honda brake pads, the choice should be a clear one.

Why you should buy Honda OEM brake pads over aftermarket Honda brake pads

Genuine Honda brake pads are more compatible and reliable when used as replacements on Honda cars.

On the other hand, aftermarket Honda brake pads lack the same brand name backing and other resources that are available for users as compared to OEM parts.

That drawback leaves buyers with a bit of less variety of quality. When it comes to getting the best components for your car, especially the brake pads that will help you to stop your vehicle, you should not take chances.

That is why Honda OEM brake pads are the best replacements you can get for your Honda car.

Honda Brake Pads Replacement

Brake components wear down with time depending on the driving habits, among many other factors.

It is recommended that you have your regular brake inspections and consult your Honda maintenance guy to determine when your Honda brake pads replacements should be done.

It is equally worth noting that both the front and rear brake pads wear out at different pace and would, therefore, need replacement at different intervals.

However, the front brake pads wear at the same rate, and so are your Honda rear brake pads.

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How long you should expect your Honda brake pads to last

Depending on several factors, you can expect your genuine Honda brake pads to serve you better for a range of between 30000 miles and 70000 miles.

The figures can change immensely, depending on your driving habits.

For instance, if you drive in heavy traffic and use your brakes frequently, then you may need to have your brake pads checked on regular intervals. It is also recommended that you check your Honda owner’s manual for information on maintenance.

What are the best Honda brake pads?

Genuine Honda brake pads offer maximum safety and durability as compared to aftermarket Honda brake pads that are mostly designed for multiple vehicles.

The compatibility and efficiency of these parts help to determine if they are the best components for your car or not.

So, when it comes to choosing the best Honda brake pads for your vehicle, you need to factor in a lot of aspects. To help you get started, here are some seven of the best Honda brake pads for different Honda models.

1.Honda 45022-SHJ-415 front brake pads set

Slowing down should be the automatic commitment of any genuine braking component. This set of Honda front brake pads stands out for its functionality and performance.

The brake pads are designed and tested extensively for a range of Honda vehicles in the most intense braking situations to ensure that your braking system is at its best.

Since they are made from a combination of hard and soft material, these Honda brake pads are unique in their way of preventing rotor wear and superior performance.

They are specifically designed to serve you for long and can fit into 2005 Honda ODYSSEY, 2006 Honda ODYSSEY, 2007, Honda ODYSSEY, 2008 Honda ODYSSEY, 2009 Honda ODYSSEY, 2010 Honda ODYSSEY, 2008 Honda CR-V, 2009 Honda CR-V, 2010 Honda CR-V, and lastly 2011 Honda CR-V

2.Honda Genuine Brake Pads 45022-TR3-A02

Genuine Honda brake pads are designed for efficiency and high performance as well as compatibility with your entire braking system.

The 45022-TR3-A02 Honda brake pads will maximize the braking performance of your 2012 Honda CIVIC SEDAN, 2015 Honda CIVIC SEDAN, 2014 Honda CIVIC SEDAN, 2012 Honda CIVIC COUPE, 2013 Honda CIVIC COUPE, 2014 Honda CIVIC COUPE, and 2015 Honda CIVIC COUPE.

3.Genuine 45022-TA5-X01 Honda Front Brake Pad set

The most notable feature of these 45022-TA5-X 01 Honda front brake pads is their ability to balance stopping power and dampen noise at the same time.

These front brake pads are incredibly responsive and will slow down your Honda car efficiently without you ramming on the brake pedal.

The noise reduction feature makes them appropriate for a quieter and smoother ride.

Additionally, they are long-lasting and are designed to fit your 2012 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2011 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2010 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2009 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2008 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2005 Honda ACCORD HYBRID SEDAN, 2012 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, 2011 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, 2010 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, 2009 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, and 2008 Honda ACCORD SEDAN perfectly.

4.Genuine 45022-T3R-A01 Honda Front Brake Pad set

With the Honda front brake pads, 45022-T3R-A01 design, you are guaranteed excellent stopping power, extended life span, and quieter driving all day long for miles.

These Honda brake pads are specially made for your 2017 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2016 Honda ACCORD COUPE, 2017 Honda ACCORD SEDAN, and 2016 Honda ACCORD SEDAN.

5.Honda 064A5-692-671 organic brake pads kit

The Honda 064A5-692-671, organic brake pads kit, comes with an assortment of both the front and rear brake pads for high-performance braking. These brake pads are a testament to Honda’s commitment to providing excellent quality brake components.

The pads combine superior stopping power, noise reduction, and soft bite on the brake rotors to ensure you have a smooth drive for a more extended period.

Made from organic materials, the Honda 064A5-692-671 organic brake pads are incredibly designed to maximize the performance of your 1982 Honda PRELUDE COUPE in a single package.

6.Honda 43022-XVJ-000 rear brake pad set (Mugen)

Honda brake components are known for maximum braking performance as a result of a combination of excellent stopping power and durability. The Honda 43022-XVJ-000 rear brake pads set are no exception either.

This set comes with everything you need to install your brake pads and will also offer you extra mileage than any aftermarket brake pads.

What’s more, these Honda rear brake pads are quieter and come at a price that will not break your bank. If you have a 2008 Honda CIVIC SEDAN, these brake pads will be the perfect fit for your car.

7.Honda 45000-XA1-K0S brake pads set

This set of brake pads is incredibly designed to reduce noise and enhance the braking performance of your Honda car.

The pads will offer you excellent stopping power and uncompromised performance in all-weather conditions. Additionally, this set is easy to install as it has all you need to replace your brake pads in a single package.

You may want to check your Honda user’s manual for the specifications of your car to determine if they are compatible.

Is It Okay To Have New Honda Brake Pads On Old Rotors?

This question is frequently asked by clients looking to replace their Honda brake pads. The simple answer is yes. Honda brake elements experience different pressure and wear down at different rates.

In most cases, the brake pads are the first to need replacement before the rotors.

Having frequent replacements of the brake components is god for your safety and also enhances the integrity of your Honda car. If the brake pads are slowly worn down, they start to bite on the brake rotors.

That is why it is also advisable to have both brake pads and brake rotors replaced together. Additionally, you may want to reference your Honda user’s manual for further recommendations.

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Honda Brake Pad Prices

The price of a brake pad depends on many factors. Firstly, different types of brake pads have different price tags on them. It may require checking online or at your nearest dealer to know precisely the amount you need to pay to have brake pads for your Honda car.

Additionally, the number of components you need will affect the price. Most Honda brake pads come in sets of twos, either rear or front brake pads. The most expensive Honda brake pads can cost up to $250 while the most affordable ones are available for as low as $75.

Again, this range depends widely on the brand and the model of your car.

You may want to buy other braking components, such as brake rotors, if your Honda brake pads are heavily worn down.

How much it cost to have your Honda brake pads changed

Honda brake pads replacements include both components and labor.

Depending on your dealer and the type of brake pads you want, you may have to fork out somewhere between $150 and $300 per axle. Additionally, the extent of damage will affect the cost of changing Honda brake pads immensely.

For instance, you may want to change your Honda brake rotors as well.

When to change Honda brake pads

Most people wait until their braking system fails to replace the worn-out components. Apart from reducing the performance of your car, such a move is also dangerous.

Therefore, you should always be on knowhow on when to replace your brake pads. These common signs should help you discover when the time is right to get new Honda brake pads:

When the brakes start to make a grinding noise every time you apply pressure on the brake pedals
When you smell a burning odor at the time of slowing down the car
If there is pulsation or vibration of the steering wheel and brake pedal
If the brakes start to show a decline in braking performance compared to how they were when new
Some car models are designed to indicate when there is an issue with your braking system. For instance, some Hondas have back-up warning signs that will signal when the brakes are in bad shape.
Lastly, you can refer to your Honda user’s manual for further information on brake pads replacements and maintenance.

Things to consider when buying Honda brake pads

Getting a replacement for your Honda brake pads may not be as easy as you may presume. Sometimes you need to sit down and figure the best match for your car out of all the options in the market.

So, how can you know that the Honda brake pads you want to buy are the best for your car? You need to consider the following:

Specifications: Every Honda brake pads comes with specifications to help you understand if it will fit your vehicle. Specifications can be in the form of the size of the brake pads.
Type: The type of car you have and your driving habit determines the kind of brake pads you should buy. If you do not go hard on speed and brakes, then Honda organic brake pads will be excellent for you.
Cost: Honda brake pads come at a range of prices. You may want to compare the samples one by one to see the component that fits your budget.
Durability: This is an area that you may not want to worry about as Honda brake pads are usually durable enough to serve you for long. However, the type of brake pads you buy determines their life span. Do you want to buy organic or metallic brake pads? The choice is yours.

The bottom line

Genuine Honda brake pads are specifically designed to fit your Honda cars, unlike aftermarket brake pads that are made for a wide variety of vehicles.

Buying the OEM component guarantees the best performance and quality. Additionally, it is easier to replace brake pads with OEM parts because you are always sure they’ll fit.

You need to keep our car functional and safe, and it requires the best brake pads to ensure your braking system is at its optimum level.

As much as choosing the best Honda brake pads replacements may be a tough call considering all the options available, you can be assured that whatever product you choose will offer you long-lasting solutions.

Always stay clear of aftermarket brake pads if you want to get the best out of your Honda car.