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Is it possible to replace the brake pads of my car without having to replace the rotors? This is one question that most car owners ask when they think that it is time to replace the brake pads. Since the car’s braking system is a very sensitive area, you don’t want to make any mistake. You want to do everything right so that you can stay safe on the road. Most technicians advice that you should replace rotors at the same time when replacing brake pads. Since you don’t want to spend a lot on brake disc replacement cost, you may consider the disc brake rotor price. In this article, we are going to look at why you should replace rotors every time that you replace the brake pads.

Chapter 1: What Does a Brake Rotor Do?

You just know that a brake rotor is an essential component of car’s brake system.

It forms part of the disc brake components.

But, what exactly does it do?

In most modern cars, the read disc brake usually depends on the rotor for the stopping power.

While the main role the performance disc brake rotors is to stop the vehicle, it is important to know how they do so.

As you step on the brake pedal of your car, the master cylinder will be engaged immediately.

This cylinder will force the brake fluid to flow to the brake lines and subsequently to the brake calipers.

The calipers, which have disc brake pads car will surround the brake rotors.

They will squeeze the surface of the rotor forcing it to stop the wheel from rotating as fast as it was doing.

Basically, that is the function of the rotor.

As you can see, it is a must-have component for the rear brake discs.

Whether your car has drilled brake discs or vented brake discs, you will still appreciate the role that is played by the disc brake rotor.

You should consider replacing the rotors regardless of the brake pads and discs cost.

This should apply even when you are buying cheap brake discs.


Chapter 2: How do I Know if I Need Brakes or Rotors?

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All you now that there will always come a time when you will need to buy brake pads and discs.

And when that time comes, the first thing that you will do is find the cheapest place to buy brakes.

But, what are the signs that I can use to know it is time to buy the brake rotors?

Here are the top warning signs that it is time to replace your brakes and rotors:

  1. Fading responsiveness

Try to observe the responsiveness of the car every time that you press the brake pedal.

Is it taking more time to slow down or stop?

This is a critical sign especially if it used to respond faster some times back.

The problem could be on the car’s brake, rotors, brake pads or all of them.

  1. The car pulls to one side

Whenever you apply the brakes, you feel like the car is pulling towards one side.

This is an indication that the brake linings or even rotors have worn out.

It could also be an indication of the foreign matter in your car’s brake fluid.

You may need to change the brake fluid or even do a brake rotor replacement.

3.Grinding and growling sound

Do you hear strange, unpleasant sound when stepping on the brake pedal?

Grinding and growling noise from the car’s brake system is a sign that something is wrong.

Probably the brake pads are worn out and the rotors are grinding against each other.

You should do a replacement whenever you hear of such noise.

4.Constant vibration

You can tell this when your brake pedals vibrate constantly.

They usually do so whenever you are trying to stop the car.

What could have caused such vibrations?

There is one possible cause-worn down brake pads.

The pedal is simply telling you that you need to start focusing on where to buy brake rotors.

For your own safety, do not ignore any of the above signs.

Once you sense any of them, start looking for the best brake pads and rotors to buy.

Chapter 3: How Long Should Brake Rotors Last?

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Once you buy brakes and rotors, you will obviously want to know how long they will serve you.

This information will ensure that you don’t get stranded.

While the average lifespan of brake pads is between 15,000 to 70,000, brake rotors are expected to last longer.

To be precise, it can be four times more than that of the brake pads.

You can change the brake rotors after replacing the brake pads three times.

The lifespan of the brake rotors is determined by various factors among them your driving style.

When that time to do a replacement comes, start looking for the best place to buy brake pads and rotors.

Chapter 4: How Much Does it Cost to Turn Rotors?

You are torn between buying rotors and turning them.

Probably you assume that you will be able to save money when you turn the rotors.

Turning brake pads and rotors is all about reusing the auto brake parts instead of buying new ones.

The cost of turning a brake rotor ranges between $15 70 $30.

This is lower compared to the cost of new brake rotors.

Turned rotors can work effectively with brake discs and pads.

Chapter 5: Is it Hard to Replace Rotors?

Replacing brakes and rotors is not a as hard as you think.

In fact, you don’t need special skills to perform this task

All you need is to have some basic knowledge on the position of the brake parts.

While replacing the brake rotors, ensure that the caliper does not hang from the brake lines.

If you are not sure of your knowledge and skills, it won’t be bad to hire a mechanic.

Otherwise, here is a video of brake pads and rotor replacement:


At this point, you should know the importance of giving your car brakes and rotors full attention.

This applies to other car brake parts such as auto brake pads.

You should always ensure that it is in a proper working condition.

Once the brake parts have ceased to function properly,  you should know where to buy brake pads and rotors.

Strive to choose only reputable car brake parts suppliers and manufacturers.


  1. Warning signs you need to replace brakes
  2. How brake pads and rotors work
  3. Factors that determine how long brake rotors last