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Brake pads form an integral component of the disc brake system. The brake pads create friction with the brake pads so as to stop or slow the vehicle.

Since the friction force is responsible for the stopping force of the brake pads, one of the results of this force is the wearing down of the brake pads.

The friction material of the brake pad that is in contact with the brake rotor will start diminishing in thickness over time.

In most cases, the wearing down will be even. This means that the set of brake pads on both sides of the vehicle will wear down at the same rate.

However, there are cases where the brake pads on both sides of the vehicle wear down unevenly.

The brake pads wearing faster on one side than on the other side.

Have you ever experienced this problem?

Most car owners are usually confused by this problem since it complicates the issue of brake pad replacement.

If this problem occurs, you will have to replace the brake pads which seem to be in a perfect condition

From a layman’s point of view, this may sound like a total wastage of money. You will also be left wondering whether this problem will reoccur in the future.

The common cause of brake pads wearing unevenly

When you discover that the brake pads are wearing unevenly, the first thing that you need to do is find out the cause.

This is vital because even if you do the brake pads replacement, you are likely to experience the same problem again.

At the end of it all, you will spend lots of money on catering for the cost of brake pads.

Here are some of the reasons that can make the brake pads to wear unevenly.

1. Variation of disc thickness

In the auto world, this problem is usually referred to as disc thickness variation. This is where the thickness of the brake rotors are not the same.

A variation in thickness of the brake rotors will have a direct impact on the brake pads. It will make the friction material of the brake pads to wear down unevenly.

Not only will the brake pads wear unevenly but also faster. This will happen because the disc brakes will have more flat spots on which the brake pads will be in contact with.

2. Misalignment of the brake pads

Brake pads aligned source Auto service

How you install the brake pads onto the brake calipers matters. If you install the pads wrongly, then you should expect to experience some problems with your brake system.

In this case, one set of brake pads will fear faster than the other set. This will continue until you rectify the alignment of the brake pads on the calipers.

However, the earlier you discover that the brake pads are not aligned properly, you will work on the issue by ensuring that they are in a proper position.

The most appropriate solution here is to check o the alignment of the brake pads just after you have done the replacement.

3. Sticky brake caliper pistons

The uneven wearing of the brake pads can be caused by the sticky brake caliper pistons.

If the pistons have dust and other solid particles in them, they will make the brake calipers to be sticky.

The same is likely to happen when the caliper pistons have rust or have corroded.

Having sticky pistons means that they won’t slide smoothly so that the brake pads can have contact with the rotors.

As this continues, one side of the brake pad will wear faster than the other side.

3. Dirty or contaminated brake rotors

What can you say about the state of your brake rotors? Do they look clean or are they dirty and dusty?

The cause of the uneven brake pad wear left-right could be because of your dirty rotor.

If one rotor is dirt particles while the other one looks perfect, they will not exert the same pressure on the brake pads.

Even the new brake rotors can be having some debris so you should have them cleaned before installing.

4. When you are using different types of brake pads

There are instances when you may opt to use different types of brake pads on the same vehicle.

An example can be using ceramic brake pads and the semi-metallic brake pads at the same time.

It is automatic that these two types of brake pads wear down t different rates. This is because they are made from different materials.

Here the most appropriate solution is to maintain consistency of the brake pads. Try to use the same type of brake pads.

Can Uneven Brake pads Cause Vibrations?

If the brake pads are not wearing down evenly, you will barely experience smooth braking.

One proof of a rough braking experience is when the car vibrates when braking. In short uneven brake pads can cause the car to vibrate when braking.

However, there are other brake-related causes of the vibrations.

Some of them include warped brake pads and rotors.

What to do with uneven brake pads wear

If the brake pads of your vehicle wear down unevenly, the most viable solution is to do a brake pad replacement.

This will mean buying new brake pads for the vehicle regardless of whether some of the brake pads are still in good condition.

You should not continue driving when the brake pads are not uniform. This will cause more damage to the brake components.

And while replacing the brake pads, ensure that they are aligned properly on the calipers.

Reliable brake pad manufacturer in China

While replacing your brake pads, it really matters where you buy the brake pads.

Choose the best brake pads manufacturers and suppliers. This way, you will be sure of the brake pads that you will get.

Reputable manufacturers will also give you the best price of brake pads for sale.