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Brake pad replacement is one of the compulsory car routine maintenance practices that must be done.

You can choose to involve the mechanic to do the job, whereby you take the car to them and they will do everything. With this option, you will have to pay for the service.

Another option of brake pad replacement is to do it yourself (DIY). After buying new brake pads, you will do the replacement task without involving anyone else.

Let’s assume that you are going with the second option may be to save money, do you know how to change the brake pads?

If not, you are in the right place. We are going to teach you what you should do when replacing the brake pads.

When Should I Replace the Brake Pads for My Car?

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Even before you think of wearing those gloves and embarking on the brake pad replacement job, one of the things that you need to ask yourself is; what is the right time to replace the brake pads?

All you know that brake pads need to be replaced after a particular period. This is usually after they are worn off.

Although there is no fixed time to do a brake pad replacement, most brake pad manufacturers usually suggest that you should replace them after covering a particular distance.

Averagely, it is between 25,000 and 70,000 miles.

Apart from using this data, there are other ways of knowing when to replace the brake pads.

Here are some of them:

-When the brake pad is less than 25% of its original thickness.

-When you keep hearing the screeching and squealing noise every time that you step on the brake pedals.

-When you hear a deep metallic sound coming from the brake.

-Light indicators: Most cars have indicators that will be triggered to alert you that the brake pads are worn off.

Once you see the above signs, just know that it is time to do a brake pad replacement.

These indicators can also give you clues of how to tell if brake discs need replacing. So, it may not always be about the brake pads.

Can I Replace the Brake Pads Myself

Image illustrating brake pad replacement

You need to do a brake pad replacement and this time you want to do the job instead of calling a technician.

However, you are having some doubts about whether you are the right person to do the job.

The truth of the matter is while brake pad replacement may be a technical task, you can do it yourself.

One of the benefits of replacing the brake pads by yourself is you will be able to cut down on the cost of replacement.

This is possible because you won’t have to deal with the cost of hiring a professional mechanic.

You will only deal with the price of buying new brake pads in China

Doing the replacement yourself will give you an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of your car. You will learn how to take good care of the vehicle.

Tools for Changing the Brake Pads

If you are planning to do the brake pad replacement by yourself, then you need to have the right tools for the job.

There is no doubt that the initial cost of buying these tools will be high. However, the good news is you will be able to save quite a good amount of money in the long term.

Some of the main tools that you will need during the brake pad replacement include:

-The car’s manual: The manual will give you all the basic information that you need to know about the vehicle.

It will give you some vital information such as the minimum rotor thickness, the car’s jack points among other things.

-Jack stand: This is for hoisting your car up in the air.

-Brake tool: This will be for adjusting the brake caliper piston onto the new brake pads.

-New brake pads: These will replace the old brake pads that you will remove from the car.

-Brake grease: You will apply the brake grease on the surface between the brake pad and brake calipers.

Procedure for Changing Brake Pads

So, where should you start with the brake pad replacement process? Without further ado, here are the steps that you need to follow when replacing the brake pads:

Step 1: Get the car off the ground

You will only be able to change the brake pads after removing the tires. Start by loosening the lug nuts on the tires then hoist the car up using the floor jack.

Of course, the floor jack should be underneath the car.

Step 2: Remove the caliper assembly of the old brake pads

You will need a socket wrench to remove the bolts which are holding the caliper assembly in position.

At this point, you will be able to remove the brake pads with total ease.

Step 3: Replace the brake pads

Once you have removed the old brake pads, you can proceed to install the new ones. But first, you need to apply grease at the backs of the new brake pads. This grease will play some protective role.

Step 4: Reinstall the brake caliper assembly

Using the brake tools, you can now put back the brake caliper assembly that you had removed back into its original position.

You can then put the tires back to wrap up the brake pad replacement procedure

As you can see, brake pad replacement is not a complicated process. You can do it in your garage without spending lots of money on experts.

This video illustrates on how to change brake pads

Where to Buy the Best Brake Pads in China

Even if you know how to replace the brake pads yourself, the quality of the brake pads that you buy matters.

Because of this, you need to be extra vigilant about where you buy brake pads for sale.

The best place to buy quality brake pads is from reliable brake pads manufacturers in China.

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