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Brake pads are one market that will never fade away in Europe. As long as people are still buying vehicles, then they will continue buying brake pads and rotors.

Every year, Europe keeps importing brakes and brake parts from China. There are many reasons for this market trend.

One of the reasons why Europe imports brakes from china are the prices. You can easily find affordable brake pads and rotors in China.

Another reason is the availability of car brake parts. Whether you want OEM brake parts or aftermarket brake parts, you will easily find them. You can easily bring to Europe high-end brake drums, brake discs, brake pads, and other brake parts.

Brake pads for different vehicles

There are different types of f brake pads for different vehicles. So, you should buy the right brake parts for your vehicle.

There are brake pads for commuter vehicles, sport cars, vans, heavy commercial trucks and even tractors for agriculture.

Although most brake pads are designed for specific vehicles, you can still find those that can be used on different vehicles.

Since importing brake pads in China can be quite a process, you must buy the right item for the vehicle.

Brake pad and component materials

Brake pads and components are made of different materials. For brake pads, they are made of an organic compound, cellulose glass compound, and even steel.

When it comes to the brake discs, they are made of cast iron, carbon fiber, ceramics, and grey iron

Brake calipers are made of either aluminum or steel.

These brake pad materials have different properties and also differ in terms of the performance level. So, before you import brake pads or any other brake component in China to Europe, confirm its quality of the material.

European Markets for Brakes

There is no doubt that there is a big market for brakes and brake parts in Europe. People are importing these brake parts from China to Europe.

Some of the leading European Union countries that are leading in importing brake pads from China include:








If you are in the above focus countries, then importing brake pads from China shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also import the brake pads in wholesale, that is if you are in these countries. After all, there is an already existing market.

All you need is to contact reliable brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in China then get down into the business.

Brake Trends for the Europe Market

The European market is quite complex when it comes to auto parts. They need to meet the highest standards.

So, if you are importing brake pads from China to Europe, you must be careful with the manufacturer or suppliers that you choose.

Their brake pads should pass all the necessary safety and environmental standards. Some of these standards include:

-The government has put stricter restrictions regarding the safety levels of car brakes. For instance, there are rules that require car manufacturers to install brake assist systems in their vehicles.

There is another regulation that requires all trucks and heavy commercial vehicles to be fitted with emergency brake systems.

-The rise of autonomous vehicles in Europe: In recent years, there has been a steady rise of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. One feature of these vehicles is the automatic brake system.

The brake pads and parts that you buy should be able to meet the requirements of autonomous vehicles.

-Environmental regulations: Although brakes are rarely affected by the environmental regulations, you still need to ensure that the imported brake pads and parts meet all the necessary European guidelines with regards to the environment.

One of the environmental factors that you should be concerned about is the brake pad material. The pads should not have any materials that are banned in the European market.

What Requirements should brake pads comply to be accepted in the European Market

For the brakes and brake components to match the EU trends, there bare several regulations or standards that they need to meet.

The standards ensure that those importing brake pads from China to the EU are not swindled. The brakes should be of high quality, promote safety and have a minimal negative impact on users and the general public.

Some of these requirements include:

-Tested and approved:

Before buying the brakes In China, ensure that the manufacturer has fully tested and approved to be the right brakes for your vehicle.

This rule applies to all brake pads including the ones for tractors.

One of the most common EU brake approval is Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) which specifies various brakes and components.

-Environmental codes: The brake pads that come to the EU market should have relevant environmental codes.

There should be minimal pollutants on the brake pads.

-Brake pad packaging: The packaging that is used on the brake pads should be according to the EU standards. Check to know if the manufacturer is implementing the required brake pad packaging.

Find a reliable brake pad manufacturer and supplier in China

Once you are sure of all the requirements for importing the brake pads from China to EU countries, you can move to the next step.

You should now focus your energy on finding reliable and reputable brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in China.

It is only from a reputable manufacturer that you can be sure of finding quality brake pads and components for sale.

Vet the manufacturer or supplier to know if the quality of their brake pads meets the European standards.

From there, you can comfortably import brake pads from China to Europe.

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