Brake pads

When the brake pads of your car have outlived their lives, where will you go for the brake pad replacement?

If you go to the original car dealership, you are likely to get the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads that the car manufacturer recommended for your vehicle.

If you go to an independent shop or mechanic, there is a high chance that you will get aftermarket brake pads.

Between the two brake pad replacement options, which one should I choose?

To answer this and other questions, take your time to read through this aftermarket brake pad replacement guide.

What are OEM Brake Pads?

OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer are the brake pads that come directly from the manufacturer. They are no redesigned by any other third party.

These brake pads are made by the manufacturer to meet the specifications of a particular vehicle.

Does the OEM Brake Pad Same as Original?

Used brake pad/pixabayMany people have been confusing these terms. They tend to assume that the OEM is the same as original.

To some extent, this statement is true. These are the brake pads that have been recommended by the auto maker to be used on he vehicle.

On the other hand, the aftermarket brake pads are just new brake pads that are made by a manufacturer other than the original vehicle manufacturer.

They have never been used on any other vehicle. So, you will be the first user when they get installed on your vehicle.

In terms of quality, OEM brake pads may be better or be of the same quality as the aftermarket brake pads.

What matters is the OEM brake pad manufacturer.

So, are OEM brake pads good?

There a is no doubt that OEM brake pads are usually praised for being reliable.

So if you are doubting whether OEM brake pads are good or not, the answer is they are good.

The reliability of these brake pads is because they are specifically customized to meet the needs of a particular vehicle.

What are the Main Types of OEM Brake Pads?

Are you planning to buy aftermarket brake pads? The first thing that you need to know is what brake pads to buy.

This is vital because there are different types of OEM brake pads for sale. These types are:

1. OEM Organic Brake Pad

Image of organic brake pads source
This type of aftermarket brake pad is made of various organic compounds. These compounds include glass, resins, and rubbers.

Although these brake pads are sometimes known as nonmetallic, they contain small elements of metallic fibers that are mainly used for heat management.

Organic brake pads are the softest OEM brake pads that you will ever buy. This means that they wear out at a very fast rate.

They also tend to generate a high amount of brake dust during their lifetime. However, they are not noisy as other types of aftermarket brake pads.

A perfect example is the Acura OEM brake pads

2. Semi-Metallic OEM brake Pads

These brake pads are deemed as an ideal alternative to the organic OEM brake pads.
They cover for the weaknesses of the organic brake pads while at the same time perfect on their strengths.

Semi metallic brake pads are heavily dominated by the metallic compound. They also feature organic resin which acts as a bonding agent.

Some of the metal compounds in these brake pads include graphite, sintered steel, and iron.

The metal element in this brake pad manages heat and prevents extreme wear.

Semi metallic OEM brake pads are durable. This is because of the heavy presence of metals in them.

They are the most popular type of aftermarket brake pads as they are suitable for any level of performance.

They are also the best brake pads for towing.

3.OEM ceramic brake pad

Image of OEM ceramic brake pad Image of organic brake pads source

Are you looking for a perfect high performance aftermarket brake pads?

You should consider buying OEM ceramic brake pads.

Just as the name suggests, ceramic is the main material for these brake pads. They are designed for high performance vehicles such as sports-oriented vehicles.

This is possible because these brake pads are excellent at absorbing heat and delivering and sustaining a hard braking force.

Although ceramic brake pads are designed for endurance racing, they are not ideal for daily commuting. This is because they take some time to warm up to the normal temperature.

Ceramic brake pads are the most expensive aftermarket brake pads in the market.

So, of the three types of aftermarket brake pads, which one should you buy?

The choice of the brake pad will depend on several factors, including the type of car that you drive, your driving habit and the terrain.

If you have a high-performance car such as Subaru, you should think of getting Subaru OEM pads

OEM vs Aftermarket Brake Pads: Are OEM Brake Pads Better than Aftermarket Brake Pads

Before you even buy the OEM brake pads in China, there are many questions that you may be asking yourself.

One of the questions may be; Are the OEM brake parts better than the aftermarket brake pads?

To get the answer to this question, let’s look at the key differences between OEM vs aftermarket brake pads.

1. Cost of the brake pads

In terms of the cost, OEM brake pads are more expensive than the aftermarket brake pads.

In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised when you pay 50% for OEM brake pads than for aftermarket brake pads.
Although most dealerships claim that their high prices for brake pads are driven by the quality, this is usually not the case.

On the other hand, aftermarket brake pads are cheaper than the OEM brake pads. In fact, you are free to explore what different aftermarket brake pad suppliers have before you make that final decision.

Despite being cheaper, you can be sure of getting high quality aftermarket brake pads. Of course, that is if you choose the right aftermarket brake pad supplier.

2. Quality of the brake pads

When it comes to quality, are OEM brake pads better than the aftermarket brake pads? Or, are aftermarket brake pads as good as OEM brake pads?

Although most people tend to assume so, this is not usually the case. The two can be of the same quality or one of them can be of better quality than the other.

OEM brake pads tend to give an assurance of quality. This is because the vehicle manufacturer wont to damage the reputation of the vehicle by a simple thing such as the brake pads.Take the case of Mazda 6 brake pads.

However, this doesn’t mean that the aftermarket brake pads are of low quality. The only issue is there is a great variance of quality

Some aftermarket brake pads are of high quality while others are not.

The difference can be attributed to a lack of standardization. Since there are many different aftermarket brake pad manufacturers in China.

Some follow the right procedures and use premium material to make the brake pads. The result is quality brake pads for sale. In fact, their brake pads are of better quality than those of OEM.

On the other hand, some brake pad manufacturers use low quality materials This results in low quality brake pads.

So, it is up to you to get the best aftermarket brake pad brand or manufacturer and you will be sure of the quality.

3. Availability of brake pad

Between OEM vs aftermarket brake pads, which one is easily available?

Aftermarket brake pads are easily available as compared to the OEM brake pads. You only need to walk into any brake pads supplier and you will find a wide range of aftermarket brakes.

For the OEM brake pads, you have to buy them directly from the dealer.

Woe unto you if you are not located near any authorized dealership. You will be forced to undergo a painful buying process.

4. Warranty on the brake pads

Just like other valuables, most of us prefer to buy brake pads that are covered by warranties.

If you are keen on the issue of warranty, then buy OEM brake pads. Most of them are covered.

On the other hand, aftermarket brake pads are rarely covered by the manufacturers.

As you can see, choosing between OEM vs aftermarket brake pad is not that difficult.

You simply need to compare the two sides of the coin and after that, you will be in a position to make a final decision.

How Long do OEM Brakes Last?

Image of old and new brake pad/Pixabay

Do OEM brake pads last longer? After buying the aftermarket brake pads, it is expected that you would like yo know how long they will last.

It is common knowledge that the lifespan of the OEM brake pads ranges between 25,000 miles and 70,000 miles.

However, you should not put all your mind on these figures as they keep changing. Probably you have heard of some OEM brake pads lasting for more than 70,000 miles while others for less than 30,000 miles.

Thee are many factors that determine how long the brake pads last.

One of them is the type of the OEM brake pads that you buy. Some types of aftermarket brake pads are designed to last for longer than others.

Apart from quality, the type of vehicle on which you install the brake pads matters. The aftermarket brake pads that you buy should be for the vehicle.

For instance, installing organic brake pads on a racing car will be fruitless.

The brake pads will wear out faster than when you would have installed them on ordinary commuting vehicles.

Your driving habits will also determine how long your brake pads will last. If you are a gentle driver, your brake pads will last for long. Otherwise, if you are used to hard braking, then expect a short lifespan from your brake pads.

What kinds of roads do you usually drive your car? Do you know that this can also affect how long your brake pads will last?

If you usually drive on rough or steep terrain, your brake pads won’t last for long. Even if they are of high quality.

To summarize it all, you should always monitor the thickness of the brake pads to know whether their lifespan is over or not.

So, next time you ask yourself, why do my OEM brake pads wear out so quickly, the answers are right here.

Importing OEM Brake Pads in China

Image of brake pad China/Pixabay

If you are looking for quality and affordable OEM brake pads, then the country where you buy from matters.

For years, China has proven itself to be the best place where to buy brake pads. This is because it has grown to be among the biggest economies of the world.

Quite a good number of the OEM brake pad manufacturers in China are known to be doing a good job.

They manufacture and distribute quality brake pads for sale.

You can import OEM brake pads from China to whichever country that you are in.

Whether you want to import OEM brake pads from China to Europe, to America or South Africa, you can do it at your convenience.

Since we are in the digital age, it is easy to buy aftermarket brake pads online. So, you shouldn’t worry about the issue of location.

All you need is the internet and you will be able to place an order for OEM brake pad online.

This rule applies whether you want Honda OEM brake pads, Om Toyota brake pads or OEM BMW brake pads and other car models.

But before making any decision, read through the OEM break pad reviews consumer reports.


Now you know everything that pertains OEM brake pads. What remains is to buy the brake pads and install them on your vehicle.

First, know the type of the OEM brake pads that you need. From there, you can look for a reliable OEM brake pad manufacturer in China.

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