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There are many things that you should consider when buying brake pads from China. Apart from the type of brake pads and price of brake pads, you also need to consider size. Yes, these are the length, width, and thickness of the brake pads. So, what is the best size of the brake pads? And, how can I measure the size of the brake pads?

When buying brake pads, does size really matter?

Yes, it does.

You cannot just buy any brake pad without caring about its size.

Why should I care about the size of the brake pads?

There are several reasons why you need to be concerned about the size.

One of them is performance.

There is a close relationship between the size and the performance of the brake pads.

Do you know that some brake pads can just fail to meet your expectations not because they are of the wrong type?

The reason could be because you chose the wrong size.


How do the brake pads work?

To understand why the size matters, let’s briefly look at how the brake pads work.

Normally, brake pads are attached to the brake calipers.

Every time that you apply the brakes, the pads grab or tighten their grips on the sides of the rotor

This pressure from the pads will slow down or even stop the wheel of the vehicle from spinning.


The correct size of the brake pads

When can we say that the brake pads are of the correct size?

We can only say so if the brake pads touch the entire surface of the rotor.

When they do so, they will be able to perform to the optimum levels.

They will deliver the maximum braking force that is needed to by your vehicle.


What if I choose the wrong size of the brake pads?

From the surface, everything may look good with your braking system.

In reality, choosing the wrong size of brake pads is one of the mistakes that you should not make as a car owner.

If the brake pads are too small, you will lose the braking power within a very short time.

This will happen because the pads will be extremely strained.

The excess force means that the small brake pads will wear out faster.

You will have to replace them regularly.

Obviously, you are not ready to spend a huge chunk of your money on brake pads replacement.

Is there any problem if I buy big or oversize brake pads?

Yes, buying big brakes pads does not mean that you are safe.

There are still consequences that you will pay for.

Just like any other brake pad, big brake pads can also wear down.

Unlike the small brake pads, you won’t worry about how fast they are wearing.

Instead, you should worry about the remnants of the brake pads.

As the big brake pad wears out, it will leave some overhanging material.

Such material can end up touching the top of the rotor instead of gripping the sides.

In doing so, they prevent the brake pad from responding.

Your vehicle can fail to stop no matter how hard you apply the brakes.

You don’t want to imagine what can happen next.

Also, the overhanging materials can end up damaging other vital components of a car’s brake system.

As you can see, it is very risky to buy both big and small brake pads.

Instead, you should focus on buying the right size that will match with your rotor.


How to Measure the Size of the Brake Pads


Brake pads length and width  Source Bendix


When it comes to the issue of brake pad size, do not just depend on your eyes.

Most of the time, visuals can be very deceiving.

This explains why most brake pad manufactures send along the brake pad size chart.

It can help you to choose the right size of the brake pads.

When measuring the size, you will be able to determine brake pads thickness, length, and width.

It will also help you to know the shape of the brake pads.

What is the brake pad length?

This is basically the total length of the backing plate and the friction material of the brake pad.

You should not include the length of the overcharging clips.

To measure the length of the brake pads, start from the left edge of the backing plate going towards the right edge of the plate.

Be careful not to include the length of the wear sensor.


What is the brake pad Width?

This is the total width of the friction material and the backing plate.

Keep in mind that it does not include the width of the overhanging clips.

To measure the brake pads width, start from the bottom edge of the backing plate to the top edge of the backing plate.


What is brake pad thickness?

Brake pad thickness Image source Bendix

Brake pad thickness is basically the value of measurements from the flat surface of the backing plate to the flat surface of the friction material.

By measuring the thickness, you will be able to determine how much of the brake pad has worn out over a particular period.

You can manually measure the thickness of the brake pads and record the values in millimeters.

From the thickness, you will be in a position to tell whether the pads are having uneven wear.

This is a situation where one side of the brake pad tends to wear more than the other sides.

Measuring the brake pad thickness will also help you to know when to replace brake pads.



From the article, you now know that the size of the brake pads matters.

Choose the right brake pads and you will have stress-free driving experience.

The wrong size of brake pads will give you a severe headache.

Also, knowing the right size of brake pads can help you to do an accurate brake pad replacement.

This happens especially when you are ordering from a brake pads manufacturer.

You will be able to specify the exact size that you want.