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We cannot deny that disc brakes are literally running the automotive industry. Most vehicles depend on this type of braking system . Disc brakes came to replace drum brakes which have been used for ages. Despite the massive popularity of disc brakes, drum brakes are not going anywhere. They are here to stay. You are mistaken to think that drum brakes are for old cars. Do you know that even modern and sophisticated cars still have drum brakes?

While disc brakes are mainly used on the front wheels, the rear brake system of most modern cars is powered by the drum brake. So, why are car manufacturers still using drum brakes yet disc brakes seem to be easily available? Why don’t they just use the rear disc brake? In this article, we are going to see the reasons why modern cars still have drum brakes.

Chapter 1: Are Disc Brakes More Effective than Drum?

How a brake drum works

There is always a never-ending argument between disc brake vs disc drum.

One of the key points of arguments is effectiveness.

Are disc brakes more effective than brake drums?

To be precise, the answer is yes.

The effectiveness of a disc brake is due to friction management.

The front pads ensure that the heat generated from the friction is dissipated effectively.

Heat dissipation on the rear drum brakes is not very effective..

Front discs and pads can work well regardless of the weather condition.

They will still provide a firm grip even when they are wet.

The rear drum brake parts can be affected negatively by wet conditions.

Wetness makes them lose grip easily.

To create a balance, brake drums are used on the rear wheels while disc brakes are for the front wheels.

Its only performance-based vehicles that have rear brake rotors.

Chapter 2: What are the Disadvantages of Disc Brakes?

Brake disc

We have seen that dis brakes are superior to drum brakes in almost all the spheres.

Whether you buy OEM brake pads or the aftermarket brakes, you can be sure of enjoying a couple of advantages.

However, this does not mean that disc brakes are flawless.

They also have some disadvantages.

One of the cons of disc brakes is they are quite noisy.

Because of their working mechanism, disc brakes tend to produce squeaking and squealing sound when in operation.

Of course, such noise can be quite annoying.

Another disadvantage of disc brakes this they are prone to warping.

The excellent performance level that you can get from disc brakes means that the brake pads are subjected to extreme friction.

Given that the brake pads directly press against rotors, they are subjected to extreme friction.

The pricing can also be a key disadvantage.

Brake discs are more expensive than brake drums.

After all, there is always a price to pay for an excellent performance.

Chapter 3:  Are Drum Brakes Cheaper than Disc Brakes

Brake drum from frontech

Yes, drum brakes are much cheaper than disc brakes.

However, this does not mean that drum brakes are made of low quality material.

The price difference is mainly determined by the cost of the manufacturing process.

This means that it is cheaper to manufacture drum brakes than it is with the disc brakes.

Drum brakes don’t have many moving parts like disc brakes.

On the other hand, brake disc manufacturers in China use several components to come up with a functional brake disc.

The materials used on brake pads also make the cost to be high.

Ceramic brake pads in China are relatively expensive.

To get the exact figures in prices, contact brake pads suppliers in China and you will compare prices.

Chapter 4: Are Disc Brakes Worth It?

Probably you are wondering whether it is worth it to buy cheap brake drums.

Given that a huge percentage of the braking force comes from the front brakes, you don’t need too much power at the rear.

You don’t have to buy cheap brake pads and discs for your rear wheels.

Instead, you just need cheap brakes that will do their job perfectly.

This makes disc brakes not an investment worth the cost.

Unless you are sure of getting cheap brake rotors and cheap brake pad replacement, rear disc brakes are not worth it.

Chapter 5: Why do Cars Still Have Drum Brakes

Do you want to know why drum brakes are still used in the modern world?

Here are the top reasons that can give you clues why drum brake are not going anywhere anytime soon.

1.Cheap to manufacture

Let’s face it,  car manufacturers are keen on minimizing the cost of production.

Drum brakes can help them achieve this goal since they are cheap to manufacture.

Unlike disc brakes, drum brakes are very simple.

Installing drum brake shoes to the rear wheel is not a difficult task to accomplish.

On the other hand, installing disc brake to the rear wheel is an expensive and complicated process.

Automakers will be forced to install extra drum disc brakes for parking.

These minor expenses can end up raising the price of the car.

It does not make economic sense to use disc brakes when drum brakes can do the same job.

  1. Drum brakes are durable

What does this tell you about the truck brake drums?

It simply means that they last longer than the disc brakes.

The drum brake kits for trucks can serve you for quite a while before you consider doing a replacement.

3.Drum brakes make good parking brake

Drum brake kits for trucks make ideal parking brake.

This is possible because of the wedging action that is emanating from the car brake shoe.

They offer a tighter grip for parking than what auto brake rotors can do.

  1. Drum brakes are safe

We cannot deny that a disc brake pad kit is much safer than brake shoes.

However, brake drums still provide some level of safety.

This is mainly due to the fact that they are least affected by friction and heat.


In conclusion, we can confidently state that brake drums are not going.

Despite the fact that technology seems outdated, this brake system has a critical role to play in different types of cars.

It is only in racing cars where you are likely to find both front disc brake and rear disc brake

In other cars, drum discs will always be on the rear wheels.

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