What is Brake Bleeding and Procedure for Bleeding the Brakes

Image of bleeding brake source

There are many things that you can do to the brakes of your car to enhance their performance.

While brake pad and disc replacement seem to be the most popular activities that are done during the brake service, there is one extra task that is usually undertaken.

This is then brake […]

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How Long do Brakes Last After Squeaking

Image of brake dis system

Squeaking brakes is not a new thing. You must have experienced it once or several times in your lifetime. Usually, it is a sign that everything is not good with your brake system.

Squeaking brakes can be caused by either worn-out brake pads, brake rotors or brake shoes.

Let’s say you have […]

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Common Causes of Uneven Brake Pad Wear

Image of uneven brake pad wear source Ricks Auto Advice 

Brake pads form an integral component of the disc brake system. The brake pads create friction with the brake pads so as to stop or slow the vehicle.

Since the friction force is responsible for the stopping force of the brake pads, one of the results […]

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