The Ultimate Buying Guide: OEM BMW Brake Pads

This comprehensive BMW brake pads buying guide and description article offers the best brake pads for almost every driving situation, both for the streets and track.

BMW brake pads manufacturers design their products in a way that provides reliable braking solutions without noise or dust for streets or roads.

On the other hand, BMW […]

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Should I Replace or Resurface my Brake Rotor

Pitted brake rotor source Napaonline

Brake rotors which are also known as brake discs are part of the car’s brake system. When it comes to the issue of brake rotor maintenance, there are two things that you are likely to do. These are brake rotor replacement or brake rotor resurfacing.

What do the two terms imply […]

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Importing Brake Pads and Rotors from China to Europe

Brake parts source Wagner Brakes

Brake pads are one market that will never fade away in Europe. As long as people are still buying vehicles, then they will continue buying brake pads and rotors.

Every year, Europe keeps importing brakes and brake parts from China. There are many reasons for this market trend.

One of the reasons […]

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