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What are the Parts of a Car Brake System?

Image of brake system source PIXABAY

The brake system of a vehicle comprises of different parts. These parts work together to achieve the primary goal of the brake which is to slow or stop the car when needed. As a driver, it is very important to know all the parts of the brake system.

Why should […]

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Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Whenever I step on my brake pedal, the brakes produce a high-pitched squeak. Not only does the sound makes me concerned about the brake system of my car. It also embarrasses me in front of people. What can be the cause of the squeaking brakes? And are there solutions to this problem.

Components of a […]

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Aftermarket HCV Heavy Commercial Vehicles Brake Pads

Image of heavy commercial vehicle source PIXABAY

Brake pads for heavy commercial and trucks are designed for heavy-duty usage. The can sustain the massive weight of these vehicles. They are also designed to deal with different driving terrains. Once your stock brake pads are worn out, you may have to buy the aftermarket HCV heavy […]

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