Brake Pads

The Complete Buying Guide: Ceramic Brake Pads

Do you want to experience smooth and quiet braking? Undoubtedly, it is possible to have the best experience under different temperatures and road conditions. It can be annoying if you encounter brake-related noise. 

You, therefore, need the best braking materials. The industry has been moving from asbestos to semi-metallic ones. Of course, each material has […]

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Think Any Brake Pad Will Do? Think Again

Buying new brake pads is not something that you should take lightly. You cannot just buy any type of brake pad that you come across. Instead, you need to be more careful with the brake pads that you want to buy.

So you think that any brake pad will work o your car? That will […]

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Which are the Best Type of brake pads for European Cars?

If you live in Europe or drive European cars, you would like to fine-tune your car to be perfect for the European driving conditions. Among the many features that you will look on your vehicle one of them is its braking performance

In as much as you would love your car to go very fast, […]

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