Brake Pads

Common Causes of Uneven Brake Pad Wear

Image of uneven brake pad wear source Ricks Auto Advice 

Brake pads form an integral component of the disc brake system. The brake pads create friction with the brake pads so as to stop or slow the vehicle.

Since the friction force is responsible for the stopping force of the brake pads, one of the results […]

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My Car Vibrates While Braking: What Could Be the Problem?

Image of car vibrations source BAA

When driving, everything in your car should be smooth. You should not experience any form of vibrations coming from any part of the car.

However, of late you are experiencing some forms of vibrations. You usually feel them every time that you are stepping on the brake pedals.

The vibrations tend […]

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Why Are My Brakes Spongy? Soft Brake Pedal Problem

Image of soft brake pedal source KnowHow

Most drivers focus on improving the speeds of their vehicles. Are you among them? There is more to a car other than just the speed. You need to look at other critical aspects.

One of the things that should concern you is the brake performance. This is the impact […]

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