Brake Pads

What is the Service Life of Brake Pads

When we talk about the service life of brake pads, what do we mean?

This is simply the period in which the brake pads are manufactured to function to their optimum level.

Beyond this period, you will not be getting the best results out of your brake pads.

In fact, you will be putting yourself at a […]

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What is the Friction Coefficient of Brake Pads?

Image of brake pad source IndiaMart

Cars give us the convenience of moving around without any hindrance. You can travel from one place to another using your car. As a driver or a car owner, you should strive to know some technical facts about your car. One of them is the friction coefficient of brake […]

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What are the Best Brake Pad Brands to Buy?

Image of brake pads source FRONTECH

When buying brake pads, one of the things that will come into your mind is the brand. You would like to know whether the brand can be fully relied on to supply the best brake pads that will meet your needs.

The fact that there are many brake pad brands […]

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